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that he had passed last month.  Father Dan is in a small mission in Mexico but always thinks of his

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August is named to honor the first Roman emperor (and grandnephew of Julius Caesar), Augustus Caesar (63 BC-AD 14).

Dr. Greg and Debbie Dimmick spent a few days in Springfield, Mo. visiting their son Dr. Josh Dimmick, his wife Cassie and granddaughters Maddie and Audrey Dimmick. On their return home, they flew to Oklahoma, drove back bringing the two girls to Texas for a few days. It was a nice family reunion with their other children and grandchildren, their daughter Kaydee Kacer, husband Russell Kacer and children Benjamin and Brooklyn Kacer.  

Cheryl Friederichs, her brother Walter (Bo) Hofferek are back attending their business, Cheryl’s Exxon on Richmond Road. 

Our beloved priest, the Rev. Raymond Jackson C.S.B. passed to the glory of God July 23 in Ontario, Canada. When he left Wharton after more than 20 years faithfully serving this community, he was in a retirement home of the Basilian fathers. He always wrote me back, but on Jan. 12 this year I received his last letter. Darlene Zahradnik, who was also close to him learned from Father Dan Porter who lived and did missionary work in Wharton and other churches with Father Jackson, that he had passed last month. 

Father Dan is in a small mission in Mexico but always thinks of his parishioners in Wharton. Father Jackson was buried at Holy Cross Cemetery where Basilian priests are buried. My family and I, as all his friends, will always remember this holy man. The family center located behind Mount Carmel Church bears his name. 

Melissa Macha has been helping her brother Brad Macha and wife Ana during this pandemic at their business office at Wharton Funeral Home. She is staying with her parents Jerome and Janie Macha in Beasley. She teaches in Houston.  

Belated birthday wishes to a wonderful person, former writer and radio personality Jerry Aulds. With great humor, he touched difficult topics and came out a winner. We worked for the WCJC Booster Club in the 1990s. He was president at the time and it was an honor working with Jerry. He resides in Galveston. Josh Owens is the new WEDC executive director. He came to the Lions Club as guest speaker during the last meeting. I am seldom wrong when I meet someone. First impression counts of course and Josh is a young man with good ideas and personality. He has a lot of good things to offer. We welcome him! 

Susy’s Fashion has been in Wharton for about four years, says owner Maria Gonzales. She is originally from Guanajuato, Mexico. She is located in the same building as Workforce Solutions. She has all sorts of masks, clothing, shoes, jewelry, you name it. Go by and visit her, a very pleasant lady. You’ll become addicted in her shop.  

We also welcome Dr. Michael O’Guin, who is the new Wharton ISD superintendent. He visited with the Lions Club, as did S.B. Pierson, assistant administrator. Both are happy to be in Wharton.

Jose Ugarte was named KC of the Month, and Irvin and Mary Ann Ullmann named Family of the Month.

Birthdays this month: Margie Dornak, Christie Heimmann, Lilliam Kohleffel, Jamie Kocian, Patricia Kirkland Flores, Chloe Beth and Anny Lynn Roberts, Adam Garza, Mary Ann Srubar, Sandy Sanders, Brenda Gwinner, Lisa Cochran, Carlton Hudgins, Elaine Alexander, Frank Mann, Jr., Kim Peikert, Rosalie Svatek, Norma Jean House, Verna Petrash, Debbie Fitzgerald, Mason Muegge, Lorna Kaiser, Charles Chambers, Sandra Wilkins, Brenda Silvas, Chase Gwinner, Keith Johse, Kimberly Williams, Minerva Munoz, Celeta Moses, Mary Agnes Erdelt, Neal Kunkel, Rosemary Hinze, Neil Hudgins, Max Barbee, Jo Knezek, Dennis Rachunek, Janie and David C. Bucek, Sr., Mike and Terry Hinze, Andres and Addie Garza, Dan and Marjorie Sklar, Marvin and Brenda Macek.

Anniversaries this month: Scott and Tammy Chambers, Johnny and Margie Dornak, Frank and Lisa Cochran, Dana and Bob Riley, Tim and Carole Arriaga, Laura and Stormy Starks, Dr. John and Noel Kieler, Dr. Dwight and Jamie King, Ken and Susan Freese.

We will survive.    


“Never give in, never, never, never.”


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