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hestuck out another sign that said

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 hestuck out another sign that said

Driver uses clever signs to navigate through LA traffic Photo courtesy of Reddit via Twitter user @allisonklemes.

Photo courtesy of Reddit via Twitter user @allisonklemes.

By Aja Seldon, KTVU

Posted Aug 07 2019 03:18PM EDT

Updated Aug 08 2019 01:09PM EDT

LOS ANGELES (KTVU) - Saying "please" can get you quite far, even when trying to switch lanes in traffic. 

A driver in Los Angeles found a creative way to navigate through traffic— a clever sign that read, "Please let me in."

In video posted to Twitter Tuesday afternoon, the driver appears to try to merge into a far-left turning lane and cut in front of another driver all the while holding his genius sign.

To smooth things over even more —because situations like that can escalate, he stuck out another sign that said, "Thanks."

broh driving in la is such a trip i'm still laughing pic.twitter.com/UulhKb8LOB

— allison klemes (@allisonklemes) August 6, 2019

The signs seemed to have worked in the driver's favor as he inched more into his desired lane.

The approach was simple, yet effective. Plus, in heavily populated cities where traffic can be a nightmare, you rarely expect any sort of "driving etiquette."


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