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from heels to sneakers. She has enough pairs of shoes

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By Nokwanda Sibandze | 2019-06-30

 from heels to sneakers. She has enough pairs of shoes

When she walks into a shop, the first thing she thinks of is shoes. Luyandza  is a  shoe fanatic.

She cannot get enough of shoes, from heels to sneakers.

She has enough pairs of shoes, but still wants more.  Following her Instagram handle, this proves to be true. Her social media is flooded with pictures of her collection of shoes.

“Shoes are important because, while apparel sizes often change during a person's life, shoe size seldom changes after a person is fully grown, and therefore shoes represent a long-term investment that can be useful for decades. And most people are familiar with the way a new pair of shoes can cheer you up,” she shares with SCENE.

She believes that shoes determine what to wear on a specific day.

“Strangely,   when I’m looking for an outfit to rock on that particular day, I start with shoes, garbs later. In my world, shoes make the whole outfit to pop up, especially colourful ones.

“I agree that shoes make women feel more attractive, especially heels.  I think heels are fantasy pieces! For me they make my legs look amazing. I’m already quite tall, so when I add the height, I feel like I’m on a runway, and that really boosts my self-confidence and sex appeal.”

She is more comfortable in sneakers; the most comfortable pair she owns are the Nike Airforce 1s (Justdoit edition).

“It’s like walking on marshmallows.

“I love my high end sneakers; recently got a pair of Alexander McQueens, I love them so much.”

But most women will admit that they buy and wear high heels not for aesthetic reasons, or to please their observers, but simply because of how they make them feel. Wearing such shoes instils confidence and enjoyment, despite perhaps the occasional sensations of pain.

Shoes have been subjected to debates on feminism, fetishism and fashion and through this, have become objects that may reveal something about the psychology of individuals.

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