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Why Are Businesses Incorporating 3D Printing?(2)

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From their initial design, all the way to mass production, products, and goods have a much faster timeline with 3D printing methods. (Image: Epoch Times)

From their initial design, all the way to mass production, products and goods have a much faster timeline with 3D printing methods. (Image: Epoch Times)

Closer to the consumer

Because they are relatively cheap, fast, and capable, 3D printers can be adopted and used in many new ways, specifically to move manufacturing closer to the consumer than ever before.

But it’s not just manufacturers specifically that this applies to. A small business, for example, could install a printer and start mass producing goods in a matter of hours. It changes the game completely, in some cases cutting out the middlemen and altering the entire manufacturing process.

That’s not how it’s done in every case, but the point is that the option is there. Even better, new printing providers like Sculpteo are starting to appear that allow nearly anyone to come in and start ordering or printing custom goods.

Full personalization

Imagine ordering a new pair of shoes online, customizing everything from the color and style to the type of material used. Then, imagine those totally unique shoes arriving on your doorstep — or available for pickup — in a matter of hours. That’s exactly the kind of thing that’s now possible with additive manufacturing.

Many businesses are now allowing their customers to personalize their goods and experiences with the help of this technology. There’s a lot to it, of course, but the biggest driver is the speed and efficiency with which 3D printers can create. They present a whole host of new opportunities and business processes, many of which are consumer-focused. Full personalization, faster delivery times, on-demand features, and product changes — you name it.

3D printing is changing the game

Simply put, additive manufacturing is completely changing the face of modern manufacturing and business. Not only does it relocate the entire development process closer to the consumer, but it also speeds everything up exponentially. A company can have a prototype ready in a matter of hours, fine-tune the particulars, and then begin mass producing a final product shortly after. This significantly shortens the time to market, allowing businesses to deliver new opportunities and experiences, as well.

Fully customizable and on-demand products are just one example of how technology is shaping the business world. More will surely change, as the technology continues to advance and we come to learn many new uses for it.


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