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April 27 at Seguin High School where she will be selling and signing books. For more information(2)

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Children Mouse Book Adventures about

"The Mouse Tails of Dewey Alowishus,” is the first children’s book by local author and educator Linda McKenna Hohertz.

Valerie Bustamante - Seguin Gazette

A little country mouse from Guadalupe County with sneakers, a ball cap and a backpack is on a mission to share all of his grand adventures with those who are interested.

The mouse, known as Dewey Alowishus is the fearless character from “The Mouse Tails of Dewey Alowishus,” the first children’s book by local author and educator Linda McKenna Hohertz.

In “The Mouse Tails of Dewey Alowishus,” the adventurous mouse leaves behind his mother and 13 siblings on the farm to join the McAfee family, who own the farm, on their vacation to the Gulf Coast. While on his trip, Dewey gets to experience places no mouse has visited before.

“It’s a real story based on a true happening. I came up with the idea for it when my husband and I decided we were taking my mother who was visiting on an adventure to the coast,” Hohertz said. “When we did this we loaded everything in the truck and we arrived at Kemah Boardwalk. We had so much fun because we loved the ocean and the water. We took in all the sights and amusement rides.”

Little did they know there was a stowaway on the trip.

“When we went to get back in the truck my mom got in on the passenger side and as she got in a mouse ran under her legs in the truck,” Hohertz said. “She rode all the way home with her legs up on the dashboard because she was afraid the mouse was underneath.”

After wanting to write a children’s book for quite some time, Hohertz said the little mouse gave her the right inspiration.

“Dewey is an adventurous mouse who wants to see places and experience them, but also take in the history and arts around him,” she said. “This first adventure he is able to go and experience all of these different things Mr. and Mrs. McAfee and their grandmother experience. He stays away, but experiences everything from getting to ride the old time train to riding on the carousel.”

When creating Dewey’s character, Hohertz said she wanted to make him different.

“It took me a little to come up with the inner traits of this little mouse. There have been many tales about mice,” she said. “However, in this case, I wanted him to be different in that he had this sense of innocence about him, sense of dedication to his family. I wanted that sense of morality in there also, but the curiosity.”

Parts of Dewey’s personality were inspired by Hohertz’s students at Vogel Elementary.

“He had to have that spark like so many children. I think it was like taking some of my children that I teach and blending them together in a little personality I could bring to life for them,” she said.

Overall, Hohertz spent two years working on “The Mouse Tails of Dewey Alowishus,” she said.

“There were so many things I needed to learn as I developed it. Of course, I wanted it to truly represent what I wanted to get out there,” Hohertz said. “As I began to develop the story then I kept adding to it.”

The attention of detail to the book’s illustrations was also an important part to her, Hohertz said.

“Even though I didn’t paint or draw them I developed them all personally. All of the details in the illustrations and ideas all came from me,” she said. “I wanted for that train in Galveston to have the date on it and that it was a Huntington model. The fish needed to be particular kinds of fish. There were all these steps I needed to take.”

Hohertz already has an idea of where she is ready to take Dewey next.

“He’ll probably be going to the national parks in Utah. There’s going to be rock climbing and petroglyphs,” she said. “He’s going to take his cousin from Houston from the inner city with him on this adventure. He’s a little rowdy, but Dewey is going to try to keep him in line.”

Hohertrz plans to showcase her book at the Matador Book Festival at 10 a.m. on Saturday, April 27 at Seguin High School where she will be selling and signing books.

For more information, visit “The Mouse Tails of Dewey Alowishus” Facebook page or email Hohertz at mckennahohertz66@gmail.com.

“The Mouse Tails of Dewey Alowishus” is available for purchase at Barnes and Noble, Amazon and the Apple iTunes store.


Valerie Bustamante is a staff writer for the Seguin Gazette. You can e-mail her at valerie.bustamante@seguingazette.com.

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