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he was annoying and creepy. And then it went downhill. Stefan was heralded as this big

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Happy New Year, DAYS fans! Welcome to the Alex North Memorial Awards for the Worst in DAYS 2018. For the first time ever, Tony and I were faced with a bit of a challenge when selecting these, um, winners. Aside from a few missteps which we know are on their way to being corrected, DAYS was downright great this year! These last two weeks of episodes (which we'll be back in full force in the New Year to talk about) were especially tremendous!

First, there are a few ground rules and reminders for those of you new to DAYS or just bad at remembering things (guilty!). Tony and I pinky-ring swear not to pick the same winner. We also try to not award a character with multiple individual awards, so as to not focus too much on the bad. Stefan can thank us for that later. Tony likes Scotch. I like red wine.

Now, let's proceed with the awards -- a casual, loving motivation for our favorite soap to keep getting better. And if some of these folks don't listen, we'll stick Sarah on you. You've been warned.

New to the show or newly returned, they made a less-than-stellar entrance

Laurisa: Susan Banks
Something about Susan Banks this time didn't work for me. She held a scalpel to Sami's head but didn't ask about her grandkids. She made a big production about reuniting with her son, but I can count on three fingers the number of scenes Susan and grown E.J. shared. This version of Susan seemed aloof, at best, and legitimately dangerous at worst. When we last saw Susan, she was a broken woman who had a through line of grief and pain that the audience could sympathize with. This version seemed to be missing that component, and thus, Susan came across more cartoonish than, you know, your normal bucktoothed quadruplet who worships Elvis and now is apparently clairvoyant, too, should.

Tony: Stefan DiMera
Stefano having a pop-up kiddo is about as shocking as getting sand in your shoes at the beach. It's just gonna happen. It's a redundant Salem staple. But this time, there was a terrific twist! This surprise spawn was the product of an affair between Stefano "The Phoenix" DiMera and Madame Vivian Alamain. I should love (or at least love to hate) this guy. I should. I really should. He should be made of win with that gloriously ghoulish gene pool. Then I met Stefan. And he's the worst.

We can even start light with the irksome overuse of his name in the beginning. Hearing "Stefan Oh! DiMera" hastily became eye-roll inducing. Not to mention a tad soap sacrilegious. Fool, you gotta earn that name! Then came his insta-crush on Abigail. Raise your hand if you didn't see that coming. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? So, yep. From the beginning, he was annoying and creepy. And then it went downhill.

Stefan was heralded as this big, bad corporate shark that devours companies and makes fortunes. Um, I'm quite sure his mommy and Andre did most of the heavy lifting in the beginning, and he's shown little signs of that business savviness yet. Sami seamlessly outmaneuvered him in an amazing "Things change" moment, and he even let Chad get the best of him. Chad. I love Chad, but he's not known to be Mr. Businessman Extraordinaire.

Then, citing "it's different in Europe," Stefan -- the Matt Lauer of Salem -- decided to flash his junk to Abigail. Cool. So, the guy that likes to ogle his sister-in-law is also a sexual predator. Oh, and that was just the tip, as it were, because later, he quickly ditched his infatuation with Abigail and became downright obsessed with her alter ego once she developed dissociative identity disorder and put on a dark wig. Yep. He fell in love with someone who's not real. Not even a bit real. It was like the plot of Mannequin, only not charming and with no Hollywood Montrose for flair. Instead, it was just sad. Really, really sad. Even Vivian thought his feelings for "Gabby" were a bad idea. Vivian "I Buried Carly Alive" Alamain thought that. Yep. That says it all.

So, Stefan became so obsessed, in fact, that he researched the disease, but he chose not to help a mentally ill woman he once had a crush on in lieu of keeping her alternate personality around and, eventually, raping her. Yep. This sicko raped a mentally ill woman. There's a special place in soap hell for him.

All in all, it's been almost a year since we met Stefan, and we basically know his name was Sam, he was an orphan who had a teddy bear, and he probably has a button under his desk. That, and no one is more deserving of this year's award, as he held the title -- literally -- for the whole year. Con,wineunderwear

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