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and I liked that even more. “Okay(5)

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            But she just moved in and gave me a sweet, albeit brief, hug. “And you’re Eli. I would say you look just like your picture but, oh my goodness, you’re more handsome in person if that’s even possible.”

            I smiled. I couldn’t help it. She had big brown eyes and the widest smile I had ever seen.

She also wore a hoodie with a jean jacket on top of it. On top of her completely ridiculous dress. Certainly, nothing that would hold up against the winds that were coming off the inlet, making it feel colder than the thermometer indicated.

“Come on,” I said. “Let’s get you somewhere warmer.”

            “Amen Jesus to that!”

            I directed her toward my truck where Cal was leaning against the door. He stood straight as we approached.

            “Shelby Reese, this is Caleb Walters. He’s here to be our chaperone. So you don’t have to be alone with me until you’re comfortable.”

            She didn’t look convinced. “You thought having two strange men greeting me was better than one? I’m not sure you understand women very well.”

            Caleb huffed out a laugh. Then he pulled his cell phone out. “I planned on this. Hold on.”

            He dialed a number then put the phone on speaker.

            “Dyson Enterprises,” a woman answered on the other end of the line.

            “Hey, Sally, it’s Cal. Can you do something for me? I’ve got a nice, young woman with me and I want to assure her I and my team of workers are decent men.”

            “No problem there, Cal. I would trust you with my life. Honey, I’ve been working for Dyson for twenty years, known Cal as many as ten. He’s the best and he only hires the best of kind of men. You’ve got nothing to worry about.”

            “Thanks, Sally.” Cal ended the call and we both looked at Shelby expectantly.

            “Well, I suppose I can trust another woman. Unless of course she was a plant. But I imagine that would be some pretty elaborate planning on y’all’s part. So I’m just going to go with my gut. Now, Eli, you promised me some warmth. Let’s make that happen.”

            I laughed and opened the door to the passenger seat. “You mind getting in the back?”

            “Oh, goodness me, there is a blanket!” Shelby scrambled into the back of the cab and promptly proceeded to wrap herself up.

            Cal got in the passenger side and I got behind the wheel. I turned the engine and immediately cranked the heat.

            “I know you must think I’m all kinds of a fool for wearing a dress,” she babbled. “But I said to myself, Shelby, are you going all this way on a blind date in a pair of jeans and sneakers? I think surely not. I mean, it is August. Back home it’s hotter than a June bug’s ass. And I know what you’re thinking. How do I know how hot a June bug’s ass is? But that’s just a thing we say where I’m from. I had no idea what to expect here.”

            “You mean in Alaska?” Caleb drawled.

            I glared at him. “I think your dress is real pretty.”

            “You do? Well, aren’t you the sweetest thing. So what happens next?”

            “I rented you a cabin. We’ll take you there and let you rest up. Then I plan to pick you up for dinner. There is only one place to eat out here in Hope’s Point—it’s not much if you’re into fine dining. But tomorrow I’ve got some fun outdoor activities planned if you decide, after tonight, you’re willing to put up with me.”

            I looked in the rearview mirror. She wasn’t listening to me. Her gaze was locked outside the window on the snow-tipped mountains that surrounded this tiny stretch of populated land.

            “It’s beautiful,” she whispered as if she had entered some sacred church.

            I thought she was more so.



            I pulled up to one of the cabins Zeke had rented to us for the duration of our contest. Beyond being badass, he also owned several properties in Hope’s Point. Not that anybody did anything with them since he had built a new home for himself, Eve and little Z.

All of the cabins were pretty simple but kept in decent condition and perfect for what we needed.

I hadn’t been able to tell from his expression what he’d thought about what we were doing when we asked if he would rent us one of the cabins. Pretty sure no one in the history of all time  ever gleaned anything from Zeke’s expression. But I had pointed out it might be nice for Eve to have young women around town to talk with. To which he’d grunted. All things considered, I took that as a positive.

“I’ll set you up inside and a get a fire going for you.”

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