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and I liked that even more. “Okay(4)

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            Then Jackson created the ad, which linked to our page if a person clicked on it. We ran it for five days at a hundred dollars a day, and the thing worked like magic. In that time, we probably got over three hundred responses. Of those, maybe a hundred and twenty were legitimate.

            Then it was like shooting fish in a barrel. Ark and I had a blast looking at pictures, reading profiles, weighing the pros and cons of each woman. Not so much for Jackson. Truth was he’d been weird about the whole thing.

He would search through the profiles we received, saying absolutely nothing. Then one day he picked a profile out of the pile of emails, printed it and immediately left to go to his room.

            Ark had snorted and wondered if it was love at first sight.

            I’d ended up picking the woman who was supposed to land any minute.

            Shelby Reese. She was from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Twenty-four, just finished college and in between looking for a teaching job and deciding on grad school. Her mom was a nurse, her father was an accountant. She had two older brothers, neither of whom were thrilled she was doing this, but she’d never been outside Baton Rouge before and thought, why not have an adventure.

            She was petite and blonde and pretty. But there was something about her smile that spoke to me. A genuineness I didn’t think could be faked. I emailed her, and we communicated back and forth until finally we made arrangements for me to send her a ticket. A P.O. box because she didn’t feel comfortable giving away her home address to a stranger. I thought that made her savvy as well as sweet.

            I arranged my work schedule for my down time and we picked a date.

Today was that day and if I wasn’t mistaken, I was hearing the sound of a twin-engine Cessna heading our way.

            “Why do I have this sudden desire to start shouting, ‘Da plane! Da plane!’”

            I looked at Cal who was standing next to me. He was here for support for both me and Shelby. It was important to me that she feel comfortable. I wasn’t as badass-looking as Zeke, but I was large for a man. Some might call me intimidating.


            “Fantasy Island?” he asked.

            “Fantasy what?”

            “Never mind. I forget I’m surrounded by children.”

            We liked to bust on Cal that he was the old man in our group, but the reality was, at forty-two, he was only twelve years older than me. Certainly not too old to give love and life another chance. That’s what we all thought. Cal, on the other hand, believed he was done with relationships. Which was why I had no plans to tell him about Vivienne, the woman Ark and I had picked out for him, until it was too late.

            I sucked in my breath and waited as the plane turned in the sky then started its descent. What if Shelby didn’t look like her picture? What if she took one look at me and thought I didn’t live up to the hype? What if we had nothing to say to each other? This would be the longest and most painful date in the history of blind dates if that was the case.

            It seemed to take forever, but finally the plane landed and the door opened. Doogie, the pilot, got out to set up a step ladder for her. Then he was giving her a hand down and there she was. On the runway.

In a dress. In Alaska. Her hair blew around her face, but I could see it was the same honey blonde from the picture. The dress, too, whipped around her legs. While they were a bit of a blur, I could tell even from this distance they were leaner and tanner than any legs I had seen in a long time.

            “She wore a dress.” Cal snorted. “To Hope’s Point, Alaska. Sorry, Angel. That’s got to mean she’s dumb as fuck.”

            “She’s from Louisiana and it’s August. Let’s give her a break.” I waved my hand, but it had to be obvious who I was as Cal and I were the only two people standing at the edge of the runway.

            Doogie dropped her duffel bag next to her feet and I made my way over to help her carry it. Only she already had it over her shoulder and was jogging toward me, which looked pretty hard to do in the wedge sandals she was wearing.

            “Hi!” she called out as soon as she was in shouting range. “Oh my gosh, it’s cold! I looked online and it said temperatures should be in the sixties and I thought I would be okay. But my goodness, I was so cold flying here I thought my legs were just going to freeze up and snap off like ice picks.”

            That accent. Sounded like honey flowing out of a jar when she spoke. Luscious and smooth. She looked and sounded as advertised. Wholesome. Sweet.

I might have fallen in love in that moment.

            “You must be Shelby,” I said, introducing myself and offering to shake her hand.

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