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and I liked that even more. “Okay(3)

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It’s why I took job in the first place. The work was grueling. The weather was relentless. The isolation could be maddening. Which meant the pay was off the charts. With nothing to spend it on but the occasional beer, and losing a hand of poker now and then, I had more money saved than I knew what to do with.

“You think that’s enough incentive to haul their asses all the way up here? Do you even know what the cost of that would be? I agree with Ark. You’re smoking crack, my brother,” Jackson added.

“What if we paid for it? A round-trip plane ticket from anywhere in the United States?” I offered.

“Two dollars,” Cal bet.

We all threw up our two bucks just to keep Cal from getting annoyed.

Ark dealt the river. “You want to pay for their trip? Okay, that’s a little different. Makes it seem like they won a prize or something. How are you going to let these women know what you’re offering?”

“We run it like a contest. Want an adventure? Apply to win an all-expenses paid, round trip to Alaska and go out on a date with one of us. No strings attached. How much different is that from any other dating site? A picture, a profile. We pick who we like, and we pony up the bill.”

“Yes, but how are you going to do this?” Ark wanted to know. Ark always needed all the answers up front. “It’s not like you can post a profile on Match.com that says I come with an airplane ticket. No one is going to buy that’s for real.”

“Facebook ad.”

We all looked at Jackson, who had made the comment, and waited for him to explain.

He put another two dollars on the table. “You run a Facebook ad. You target women of a certain age and interest. The type of women who would sign up for something like that. I could probably set it up.”

I smiled and bet four dollars. “Raise. This could work. This could really work. All we need is a handful of women to do this and we get to pick our top four.”

Ark tossed his cards away but looked as if he was actually considering my idea.

“Three women,” Cal corrected me. “I want no part of this. I’ll call just to see what you got, Angel.”

That was me. I was Angel. They said it was because my name Elijah sounded like something out of the bible. My mother once told me she picked that name because she’d read it in a Western romance book she really liked. Nothing very biblical about that.

I didn’t poke Jackson on what he was going to do related to either the cards or the women. He looked at me and I did my best to not give him any tells. It must have worked because he threw another two dollars into the pot.

I turned over my pocket kings. Cal and Jackson turned over their aces. Jackson had the higher kicker, but none of that mattered because Ark had dealt a king on the river.

“Fucking lucky bastard,” Cal said as he tossed his cards away.

Jackson just sneered at me. What could I say? I was lucky at cards. Not so much at that other thing.

“So are we in?”

“I’ll set up the ad, see what it brings,” Jackson said.

“Yeah,” Ark agreed. “I want to see the types of crazies who would be willing to do this first before I commit to going on a date with one of them.”

I smiled. Suddenly there was something to look forward to in Hope’s Point. It wasn’t that I had any illusions about what might happen. Despite it being true that I was a member of Bachelor nation, I didn’t really believe in all that stuff. Love at first sight and shit.

This was about having some fun. More fun than racking up a hundred bucks playing poker with the same guys every Friday night we were off.

If this all worked out, maybe in a month I would be sitting at this very table across from a nice, attractive woman who I could talk to. Who would talk to me.

And sure, if she let me fuck her, then that would just be gravy.

I lifted my beer and they all followed suit, even Cal.

I smiled. “Let the fucking Alaska Dating Games begin.”

[spoiler show=”Chapter 2″]

Hope’s Point Airport—aka the runway.


            It was ridiculous how nervous I was. It had been nearly six weeks since I’d had my brainstorm. We’d taken pictures of ourselves. Jackson set up the webpage and we each wrote some profiles. Nothing serious, mostly just stupid facts about ourselves. Something that would hopefully show the women this wasn’t meant to be too intense. Just some harmless fun.

            As a precaution we did change our last names to avoid any disaster situations with crazy stalkers. But we all agreed that was also harmless. It’s not like full names were used on any dating sites.

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