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and I liked that even more. “Okay(2)

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Except when I looked at him, I realized he was dead serious. Who was I kidding? He was probably right. The thing I figured out quick about Jackson was that he didn’t have much of a sense of humor.

“Still, whatever their deal is, they are obviously into each other,” I pointed out. “You guys ever think about all that? The wife, drooling kid. Baby car seats and S.U.V.s and shit.”

“Had it,” Cal said softly. “Lost it. Never doing that again. Now, are we going to play cards or talk about our fucking love lives? The bet was two bucks.”

I frowned. I knew Cal had lost his wife and young daughter in a car accident years ago. There was a picture of the three of them he kept on a shelf in his office at camp. He didn’t talk about them, ever, but they always seemed to be there with him.

Everyone put up the two dollars Cal had bet, and Ark dealt the turn.

A harmless two of spades.

I glanced over to where Eve was chatting away while Zeke just looked at her, his hand on his son’s back, rubbing gentle circles.

“Love lives,” I muttered, thinking about what Cal said. “How can we talk about love lives when we don’t have any? Eve is the only attractive woman in Hope’s Point and she’s obviously spoken for.”

“You’re forgetting about Olivia,” Cal said and even as he said it, I swear he smirked at Ark. “She’s attractive.”

Instantly, Ark reacted. “Olivia is not hot. She’s a she-devil. Don’t let those looks fool you. That woman would eat any man alive after she had him in bed.”

Olivia had long, dark hair, legs that went on forever, and dark blue eyes. She was totally hot.

“Tell us how you really feel about Dyson’s newest engineer?” I poked him.

Ark growled. “I feel better when she keeps her ass in Anchorage and stays out of my way. A woman who gets between a man and his babies is obviously a shrew.”

Babies being his rigs. As head engineer, Ark was responsible for their maintenance. Since Olivia had been hired, she’d been up to Hope’s Point twice to make suggestions on improving efficiencies.

Ark was not a fan of suggestions. What I couldn’t figure out was if he really despised Olivia as much as he said he did. Jackson probably knew which way the wind blew, but typical of him, he wouldn’t comment.

“Olivia is company and that comes with all that sexual harassment bullshit,” I said. “What we need are some nice normal women up here. To date.”

Cal was assessing me with a look that suggested he cared about what I needed. It was the kind of look I always thought a dad would give me, if I had ever had a father.

I didn’t.

“It’s been a while since you took some time off,” Cal said. “You need to get away for a bit? Find some companionship? I can arrange some extended time off for you to head to Anchorage. Or the Lower 48, if you think you need to really get away.”

I grimaced. “I’m not talking about getting laid. I’m talking about a date. Dinner, drinks. A game of pool. Conversation.”

Jackson looked at me as if I had grown two heads. “You’ve been watching too much Bachelor. When you started watching Bachelor in Paradise, I should have known things were bad.”

“Do not mock BIP. Jared and Ashley are together now,” I said defensively.

“Jesus, we’re talking about the freaking Bachelor now. Is someone going to do something about the hand we’re playing?” Cal snarled.

“Check,” Jackson said.

“Check,” I added just so I could get back to the crazy idea I had. “What if we did that? What if we set it up so a bunch of nice, hot women would come up here for a trip and a blind date?”

“Are you insane?” Ark asked. He bounced his knuckles on the table to indicate he was also checking. “What woman in her right mind is going to fly to Alaska so she can go on a date with you? You understand Bud’s is the only establishment Hope’s Point has to offer.”

True, but there was also something exotic about Alaska. Especially in the summer. Snow-kissed mountains, beautiful clear rivers, amazing wildlife.

Alaska wasn’t a place, it was a state of mind. It was breathing in the cleanest, freshest air you’ve ever smelled and knowing this was what the Earth should taste like. It was a connection to the planet, to the animals and to the people who had been here before the Alaskan natives had ever considered the Lower 48.

A bucket-list stop for many people, but only a few were ever up to the challenge.

Hope’s Point was more than a challenge.

“Hear me out. We’re decent-looking guys. We stay in shape because we have to. And we’ve all got money in the bank. We’re not bad catches if you think about it.”

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