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has been on display for all to see with very quick times from the pros

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Cregg Weinmann has reviewed footwear and apparel for California Track & Running News since the mid 1990s, and for the RunningNetwork since 1998. If you would like to see this review on Running Product Reviews, please go to: Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4% Flyknit . At RunBlogRun, our goal is help you find the perfect shoe for you. Our suggestions: always visit your local running stores at end of day, take a clean pair of running socks, and try on five to six different brands, and jog around in them. Real running stores allow you to check the right show for you. For more reviews, please go to

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Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4% Flyknit $250

The Vaporfly 4% has been one of the most sought-after Nike Racing products in a generation. The success of Nike Flyknit, both from a production standpoint as well as a fan fit favorite, has made the Vaporfly 4% Flyknit a highly-anticipated new introduction. While the performance, at the upper end of the scale, has been on display for all to see with very quick times from the pros, there are numerous testimonials, online as to the performance of the shoe for the common man.

The upper features the Flyknit construction that was seen in the Epic React, with a fit that is dependent upon your foot shape but has the ability to flex and can break in a little bit, which improves as the shoe is worn.The Snug fit is appreciated but the ability to alter the lacing to fit your foot better is somewhat lacking. Like its predecessor, the Vaporfly 4% (which is still available), the main feature of the shoe is the midsole which is a polyamide foam called Zoom X, that is soft and light. The resiliency of the sole comes from an embedded carbon fiber plate, which flexes with the foot to provide a springy feel. The outersole is minimal carbon rubber in the heel, foamed rubber in the toe, with a midfoot of toughened foam. The result is a shoe for race day and speed work, though the price demands its reservation for only the highest of high performance.

Testers: "Snug but flexible fit, adapts pretty well to the foot. The hype is real, it puts the foot in a postion for racing, with plenty of protection and pop. I haven't tried anything like it."

Sizes: Men 6-13,14; Women 5-12
Weight: 7.9 oz. (men's size 11); 6.3 oz. (women's size 8)
Shape: semi-curved
Fit: snug heel, stretchy forefoot
Construction: Strobel slip-lasted EVA Strobel board
Range: efficient runners - marathon or beyond; heavy strikers - up to a marathon


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