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barsandshopping centersareabundant inAthleisurewear andproducts. If you are eager to get in on the

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SUPERSPORTS – the trendsetter of the new generation


Fashion-conscious. Cool. Confident. Attractive. Healthy. Cheerful. Social. Triumphant. Stay abreast of this millennial megatrend with Thailand’s number one retailer of sportswear, shoes and equipment – Supersports – a place where customers come to look good and feel great by choosing comfortable “Athleisure” apparel that suits individual lifestyles in today’s exciting, digitally connected world.  

Healthy living trends reflect the lifestyle of the new generation, who are health conscious and love to exercise by participating in a variety of sports to keep super fit. A sporty trend has now become popular among not only this generation but others like young office workers, who have literally changed the way they dress – from serious office attire with high heels or leather shoes to lively, comfy sneakers and sports jackets. This wear is called “Athleisure” – athletic + leisure – an entirely new trend of casual attire with an attractively youthful, sporty look. Young women from the world capitals of New York, London and Paris started this trend, mixing and matching tracksuits and sports jackets that exude emotions and feelings of sporty styles.

Undoubtedly, exercise and sports have dominated every aspect of 21st century lifestyle, with gadgets that have become your personal assistants around the clock, from waking you up to informing you about your sleep patterns and your heart rate – all to let you know how healthy you are and get you through the daily commute to and from the office, while you work out to look fabulous and stay in the pink. Indeed, health trends haveinfiltrated every corner and now office buildings, restaurants, bars and shopping centers are abundant inAthleisure wear and products.

If you are eager to get in on the trend or continue to follow it, Supersports caters to every whim of thislifestyle for consumers who love taking care of their health and dressing in a style that reflects individualityand confidence. 

Supersports has as many as 83 branches across Thailand– both standalone stores and those located in Central Department Store and Robinson. Supersports is THEcenter of world-renowned quality brands. Customers can avail of a fascinating array of choices to reflect individual styles. We guarantee every brand sold via Supersports is genuine, such as Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Skechers, Johnson, York, Fila, Umbro, Wilson, Crocs, K Swiss, Liverpool FC and Speedo. Furthermore, holders of The 1Card, the best loyalty program in Thailand, can enjoy a host of special privileges and discounts. Shopping has never been thiseasy – it’s a smooth and seamless experience.

Supersports has continued its innovative development by taking into account customer behavior and opinionsto transform the brand into one that’s more prominent and highly distinctive. We have updated our logo,selecting the green movement in the old logo as inspiration for a new green movement within the company as we sprint towards a cleaner, environmentally friendly future. The green comes together to form a subtle “S” shape, where the hole in the middle reflects the “eye” of focus on quality that underlines Supersports’ determination to provide every customer with the very best in performance wear and lifestyle sporting products and services. We are committed to our credo: The new Supersports Where Sport is Fashion.

Apart from offering quality products, we present innovative styles and designs that meet customer demands of personalized products.

The results of customer surveys by Supersports have showed that green provides the aura of nature and happiness in life. It is also the color of good fortune and exercise, which draws people closer to nature.Supersports responds to all exercise trends and continues to develop easy-going, smart, attractive sportswear that fulfills a cool yet energetic dressing style of the new generation who love to explore new experiences and dress “out of the box”. They also have fun with “mix and match” ideas that allow them to happily utilize every dress for every occasion. Supersports caters to the desires of consumers who always seek more alternatives, variety and different tiers of attire and products.

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