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parents and students through the course of writing this book

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Experiences through Shared Learning

By Express News Service

CHENNAI: It was a morning of learning and laughter as three teachers shared stories from their vast teaching experience while also speaking about the process of collaborating on their book, Teaching Tales, Learning Trails on Saturday. 

The book, which is co-authored by Neeraja Raghavan, Vineeta Sood and Kamala Anilkumar was launched by Uma Shanker, Director-General, Indian Montessori Centre, amid educators, parents and children.
“The book is eminently readable,” said Uma. “It should be recommended to read. Each story comes from a different angle, and conveying the message through stories is such a beautiful way to reach out to people. Teachers sharing their stories through stories is a lovely idea.” She went on to speak about the need for an environment that is devoid of fear as she believed that was the only way a child could learn and grow.

In the panel discussion that was held to acquaint the audience with authors and the book, a number of issues like standardisation in the education system, exams as a parameter for judging growth and the burden on expectations were discussed. “Standardisation is being practised in most schools and it starts with one look at the handbook that schools provide in the beginning of the year,” said Kamala. “Rules and regulations almost form a set of military-like kids.” Vineeta said it was the urge to provide a ‘holistic view’ that would involve all stakeholders, which lead to writing the book. “We heard wonderful stories from teachers, parents and students through the course of writing this book,” she said. “It was a learning experience for us, especially when we interacted with students to understand their issues. We need to keep the child at the centre of the education system.” 

With multiple narratives, working in collaboration with others was a tussle at times, they admitted. However, they said they devised a way to resolve the conflicts. “We knitted together different episodes as a story,” said Neeraja. “As we realised that people get very attached to their work, we arrived at a policy. The one who conceptualises, has the power to veto. I learned to put aside my fetish for good English and sometimes just pause to appreciate the heart of the story. In my mad rush to be perfect, I would sometimes lose out on the story’s soul.” The authors hope that this book would foster more dialogue amid the various stakeholders in addition to giving people the chance to put themselves in another’s shoes and be empathetic towards the obstacles that each stakeholder faces. 

The book, priced at `399, is available on Amazon, Flipkart and Notion Press. An e-book (`280) is available on Amazon.


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