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Will make That Book right

Hong Kong is a seriously epic city, with so many different aspects to experience that you will likely feel a bit overwhelmed with where to start. And you can read all about its rich history, countless activities, and tasting tips in Aspire, Hong Kong Airlines’ in-flight magazine. But after visiting for ourselves we want to give you our tried, tested and true tips as well.

For starters, one of the best things about flying to Hong Kong is the flight itself! From the second you step onboard a Hong Kong Airlines flight, you’ll be treated to a full Hong Kong experience. We’re talking about an inflight Skybar for both Business and Economy class, an iPad 4 mini to watch some entertainment during the flight, and gourmet popcorn for snacking.

Plus, with daily nonstop Hong Kong Airlines flights from YVR to HKG and all the in-flight comforts you could ever ask for (shout out to the amenity kits and the comfiest airplane seating ever!), there’s no better way to start your adventure.

So now that your flight is settled, here are the non-negotiable activities for your trip to Hong Kong.

Take in the skyline

things to do Hong Kong

Hong Kong skyline at night. (Kellie Paxian / Daily Hive)

A one-word summary of Hong Kong’s skyline: EPIC. You have some of the most unique, colourful, and animated skyscrapers in the world, set against the stunning mountainous backdrop of Victoria Peak. From the Bank of China Tower’s blinking diamond shapes (fun fact – designed by the same architect of the Louvre); to the twinkling ICC tower (the tallest in Hong Kong at 118 floors); to the giant “SELFIE TIME” sign (as if we needed a prompter) – your eyes will be dancing around in awe.

Our recos for best vantage points: Anywhere along Tsim Sha Tsui harbour; aboard the Star Ferry; from the top of Victoria Peak via cable car; or from the Hong Kong Observation wheel. Make sure to tune in for the Symphony of Lights show at 8 pm nightly, when the lights and lasers put in a show you won’t want to miss.

Eat. And then eat some more. Never stop eating.


Steambox Dumplings/Facebook

There is no such thing as getting all dim summed out. One trip to HK and you will know that the locals take their dumplings seriously. This is a dish traditionally enjoyed with tea in the morning or at lunch. You will want to get your hands on certain signature eats such as the cha siu bao (steamed pork buns) or xiao long bao (soup dumplings).

Budget backpackers can grab street food at Stanley Street or Temple Street markets, or if you feel like treating yourself, wine and dine at Mott 32 or HEXA. There are also great mid-range dining spots such as Tim Ho Wan or Lee Lo Mei. We promise you will not be short on options!

Experience Hong Kong nightlife

what to do Hong Kong

Lan Kwai Fong, party street Hong Kong during World Cup 2018. (Kellie Paxian / Daily Hive)

Hong Kong’s nightlife scene is off. the. hook. Stop by SoHo or Lan Kwai Fong on a Friday or Saturday night and you’ll see what we mean. Locals and expats from all over the world flock to these areas and pour out onto the streets, as the open-air bars keep things going with the most bumpin’ beats.

There is also an amazing rooftop bar and speakeasy scene thanks to the many alleyways and mixed-use skyscrapers in the city centre, known as Central. We would suggest enjoying some live music and awesome decor at Iron Fairies (just don’t steal the fairies!); sneaking into Stockton for a handcrafted cocktail; or kicking back for some pool and beer pong at Racks City.

Explore the hoods

what to do Hong Kong

Streets of Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong. (Kellie Paxian / Daily Hive)

Okay so you’ve partied in Central, now it’s time to see the rest of Hong Kong.

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