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too. Stocks dropped on the day of the announcement and dropped again on Tuesday

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Burning your Nikes? They truly don't care

Ian Srp


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SURVEY: Your opinion on voting in the November elections

Updated Sep 13, 2018

Sports fans are fanatics. In fact, ‘fan’ is actually just a shortened version of the word ‘fanatic’.

They care. They care so deeply about their teams and the players representing their teams that they go to extremes when they feel pride and even deeper extremes when they feel betrayed.

That’s why it doesn’t surprise me one bit when I see people burning their shoes in response to Nike making the controversial Colin Kaepernick the face of their newest ad campaign.

It doesn’t surprise me because I get it. I understand the anger. I understand the feeling of betrayal. Or, I did at one time. I thought hard about burning my Brett Favre jersey when he signed with the Vikings in 2009.

But, what are these people truly upset about? It can’t be the message.

The new campaign’s tagline is “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.”

It can’t be the athletic apparel company.

“Just Do It” has been one of the most recognizable campaigns in the history of marketing and is a big reason Nike is where it is today.

They also own other popular companies like Converse and Hurley. Are fans burning their Chuck’s or board shorts?

So what is it that people can’t handle?

It’s a man.

A man who, whether you agree with his stance or not, believed enough in what he was doing that he knowingly took a position that cost him his lucrative NFL career.

I don’t think he went into the protest thinking that it would cost him that career, but even when he was faced with the impending blowback, he didn’t back down.

He believed in something. And sacrificed everything he had worked for.

Have other athletes done the same? Of course they have.

Tim Tebow is out of football. He received constant ridicule for his beliefs and how he displayed them. He got pushed out of the NFL. Would you be upset if he was the face of Nike?

What about Muhammad Ali? His anti-war stance made him a pariah. He couldn’t possibly be the face of Nike.

The fact is. No one would bat an eye. So, why for Kaep?

Nike could have picked a multitude of athletes to build this campaign around, but they didn’t.

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