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recall going to Kittrell grade school for the first time and on a regular basis as my mother’s side

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We all remember some “firsts” from our past. Unlike my dad who had an extraordinary memory, my memory does not go back to the age of 3. I can, however, recall going to Kittrell grade school for the first time and on a regular basis as my mother’s sidekick. The first day I entered the school building was both exciting and frightening. Go figure….

It was there where my mother, a housewife, and I were relevant. She served as a multi-grade mother, substitute teacher and cafeteria worker, and my favorite, a “you better straighten up or….” mama to my six older siblings and a whole bunch of other children.

Tagging along beside my mother had unlimited benefits. For instance, I vicariously experienced several siblings’ first day of school before I had my own. I also began formulating my first thoughts about school, like wanting to ride a school bus, sit in a desk, learn how to read and write, make good grades, behave, participate in school programs, and go to college. I even remember learning that I did not want to go the office, get paddled, have my parents called, or, God forbid, flunk my grade.

I eventually had my very own first day of school experience at Zeb Vance School, entering kindergarten while simultaneously becoming the first one in my family to “integrate” Vance County Schools. And I recall the co-existence of excitement and fear, perhaps much like my great nephew Kaden who started kindergarten last month. Despite the texted photo I received of Kaden wearing a clown-like smile and stylishly color-coordinated outfit, sneakers, backpack and lunch box, Aunt Teresa detected some fear underneath all the layers.

At Zeb Vance, I grieved not being able to attend the same school that all my siblings, neighbors, and Hicks family members celebrated. I overcame the fear factor in Miss Balthrop’s classroom because my interest in learning and having adventures and confidence had already been cultivated and was far greater than the fear that was blocking my path.

I now realize how my sidekick experiences with my mother played a pivotal role in paving the way for me to overcome. My mother modeled things like having aspirations while we registered for her first college class at Vance Technical College. She went to college with 7 children at home because my father and older siblings helped out. I am grateful.

Like a domino effect, my mother’s childhood memories as my grandmother Alease’s sidekick greatly influenced her decision to finish high school after my grandmother’s untimely death and not just be relegated to be a housewife, work in granddaddy Whit’s diner and store in Mobile, or cook and clean for other people. She too overcame and became a beloved teacher assistant at Zeb Vance.

Life has provided me with many other first day of school experiences that don’t even involve school. Life has also furnished me with fears, like my newfound fear of crossing over bridges in unknown places. My desire to experience Murrells Inlet, South Carolina while vacationing at Myrtle Beach crushed that fear, allowing the birth of this article as I ate delicious fresh flounder, hushpuppies, and fries for lunch at the Marshview Seafood Kitchen & Bar that overlooked a serene, breathtaking view of the salt marshes. I am thankful that my love of learning and first time experiences was cultivated at an early age by those before me.

Perhaps we all help cultivate excitement or fear in others. Most importantly, perhaps we all can help cultivate overcoming….


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