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Chinese Sports Brand Keep Presents Itself in San Francisco, Exhibiting the Globally Popular Smart Tr

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SAN FRANCISCO, June 1, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Keep, a flagship sports brand with over 100 million users in China, was invited to the User Conference held by Mapbox, a world-famous map service company, Unicorn, in San Francisco on May 31, 2018. The first smart treadmill of Keep made its debut in the conference. The treadmill was China's first smart sport terminal and marked the end of the functional treadmill era. In addition, hundreds of individuals, organizations and brand users from all over the world shared their latest experience and achievements of map service applications.

At the conference, Tianyu An from Keep delivered a speech on stories of the brand and its development in the Chinese market since its establishment three years ago. Meanwhile, he shared the experience in combination of Keep App functions (running, for instance) and map data of Mapbox.

Tianyu An mentioned that the number of users achieved 130 million within three years based on online courses and innovation towards the brand positioning of "Freedom Stadium" and consequently, Keep is in the forefront of sports APP market in China. The slogan "Self-discipline brings me freedom" moulded and colored a number of Chinese sports enthusiasts and made them a better state mentally and physically. In the process, Keep became the most popular sports technology brand in China.

Since Keep App was launched three years ago, not only the rapid development but also a gradual change in requirements has been witnessed. Users hoped to have access to the greater variety of sport experience and smarter products. In response, Keep lost no time in launching its smart hardware KeepKit, a further step to the family scene.

The treadmill (Keep K1) was officially released on March 19, 2018. The good-looking super treadmill caught the attention of numerous young sports enthusiasts immediately.

The Keep K1 treadmill captures the quintessence of white-dominating hue and simple design, fitted with the 52cm-wide running belt. It is capable of supporting the maximum speed 15km/h and abating the noise below 60 decibels at high speed. Its shock absorption and stability meet the standards for professional running shoes according to the review of 3D spine and posture and the evaluation of plantar pressure distribution system based on German DIERS and Belgian Footscan.

The stunning appearance of Keep K1 treadmill stands out from the rest as easily the best.

The Keep K1 treadmill can synchronize data with Keep App at the touch of the button and its running speed can be adjusted automatically along with online courses. And various indexes are available on its LED screen. In the process, the Keep K1 treadmill sends voice prompts on how to keep the correct position and avoid sport injuries. After running, the corresponding data will be synchronized with the App, followed by the analysis of running effects and suggestions for the next run. The treadmill is equipped with the KK growth system and private mission systemwinewine

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