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Why I love my Dad Shoes: A Father's Day tribute to footwear

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Think of your father, and the first pair of shoes that come to mind.

Grass-stained golf cleats. Crusty old mudders on the deck. Fraying, decaying Birkenstocks. Burgundy leather loafers, the slip-on kind, softened and flattened by the weight of so many workdays.

As kids you'd step inside and marvel at how cavernous they felt, like, How do a man's feet get this big? How old are these things, anyway? How come he won't get a new pair?

Let me tell you something: Your dad has gotten a new pair. All dads have, myself included -- dress shoes, sport shoes, water shoes, cool shoes you thought you could pull off before realizing they were a terrible, shameful idea.

But they're all unnecessary. Dads require but one single pair of all-purpose shoes -- maybe two, if you count those old flip-flops by the back door. And once you find them, it's like finding Cinderella's slippers. Your search is over.

You've found your Dad Shoes. You may trot out your remaining years in peace.

We're a tribe, us dads, all shod in the same lame footwear, shuffling from one responsibility to the next. Our Dad Shoes get us there in comfort -- puffy white New Balances, waxy black Rockports, salt-stained Sperrys or rugged earth-tone Keens. We care not a whit for fashion's latest tastes and trends, even when those trends accidentally double back our way. We care only for our gross, calloused Dad Feet.


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