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Redditor Spots Disturbing Scene In 'Shrek' And It'll Ruin Your Childhood

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When it came out back in 2001, Shrek became an instant classic. Full of timeless one-liners, great graphics (for its time, at least) and a cracking soundtrack, it was a hit among kids and big kids alike.

I mean, if you haven't ever looked at a rock and said 'I like that boulder... That is a nice boulder' or realised you know all the words to the Duloc song ('Please keep off of the grass, shine your shoes, wipe your... face!'), then you've been doing it all wrong, frankly.

However, while the film - and its various sequels - are loved by near enough everybody, there may have been a much, much darker element to one part of the story. Honestly, it is enough to ruin all your childhood dreams.

Let's rewind right back to the start of the film, where you'll remember all the enchanted creatures getting rounded up from all the fairy tales. Gnomes, witches, unicorns and talking donkeys were being sold off for gold by residents, and the three bears could also be seen caged up in the background.

Credit: Dreamworks

Credit: Dreamworks

Later, Papa and Baby Bear had escaped captivity and were seen chilling by the fire in Shrek's swamp with a few other characters. That's nice, right?

Well, no, actually - as Mama Bear was nowhere to be seen.

Credit: Dreamworks

Credit: Dreamworks

You might not have given these scenes a second thought before, but this moment in the film might just change your entire outlook on the film:

A Reddit user noticed that in a much later scene in Lord Farquaad's castle, a bear rug can be seen covering the floor. Oh, and it's got a bow in its head.

Yeah... I hate to say it, but it looks like Lord Farquaad has killed old Mama Bear and is using her as a decoration in his own home. Which is BRUTAL.


Fellow Shrek fans have been knocked to the floor with emotion after the post was shared, with one declaring: "I could have gone the rest of my life blissfully unaware of this."

"This bear is too large. This bear is too small. This bear is just right. Kill her," joked a second. Too soon, pal, too soon.

And a final disbelieving Shrek fan commented: "She's.... She's just sleeping! And flat... she lost weight!"

We're inclined to go with that last theory, for the sake of our childhood.

Pretty dark stuff, huh?

Featured Image Credit: Dreamworks


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