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with people desperate to ask me questions about fashion and style. Social media can be such an inti

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Where Did Your Style Go?

On top of designing swimwear, working as half the duo behind They All Hate Us, and being an influencer in her own right, Tash Sefton has just launched a new site called Where Did Your Style Go? As if her 250k+ followers weren’t enough to prove it already, Sefton’s new site definitely confirms it: She has exquisite taste.

According to the site, Sefton’s “latest venture puts her in the unique position to share her knowledge she has gathered throughout her career”. As a consulting business created to help “ women and men look and feel their best”, Where Did Your Style Go takes Sefton’s expert insight and makes it accessible to the rest of us. After reading a few of her posts on the site, it was more than obvious to us that she knows what she’s talking about.

Needless to say, we couldn’t help our yearning to learn more, so we reached out to Sefton herself to answer some of our biggest questions. To read Sefton’s advice on developing personal style, which trends are here to stay this autumn, and how to adapt your wardrobe for the changing seasons (and more), continue on for the full interview below.


Where Did Your Style Go?

In your post “The Style Myth”, you talk a lot about personal style. What’s your advice for someone who is still trying to find or define what their style is?

I think finding your personal style takes time and lots of mistakes along the way. You almost need to try lots of different vibes to find what works for you. It will change during life milestones, as you get older and even as your lifestyle changes. But be sure to believe in yourself and don’t follow fads or what your friends are doing. Essentially, your style needs to be what makes you happy. Also makes sure you reflect on your style from time to time. Sometimes you can get lazy and think your style is working when it might need a refresh. 

How do you bring personal style to a curated wardrobe?

If you follow my wardrobe diet then it’s much easier, as less is more! You have less choice, so each piece needs to fulfill its purpose. Take for example the trench coat. My style of trench is classic with a hint of fashion. Your style might be a cropped trench or reversible with a check lining. The advice I give with this wardrobe article is to add flavour with accessories and shoes. You could be in work mode in an all-black suit, then add a red heel, which is your personal style.

J. Crew Dion Cotton-Gabardine Trench Coat


J. Crew Dion Cotton-Gabardine Trench Coat ($340)

Which trends this season do you think are here to stay? And which ones are you passing on?

I am loving neutrals and mixing them together. Mustards with camel, terracotta with tan. It’s very sophisticated yet youthful at the same time, so I think this gives it longevity. I think sneakers will stay, as they are just so easy to wear with anything (and very comfortable when you need to get stuff done). I think bold prints will be replaced with hand drawn and organic style prints. And short flippy dresses will be replaced with knee-length or mid-calf-length dresses.

How do you take a trend and make it work with the clothes you already have?

If its a colour trend, you can experiment with an accessory or shoe first. Or buy a cheap version of the colour or trend to test if you like it. Sometimes it’s good to try on the trends in a change room and take mirror selfies first. Walk out of the shop and review when you are at home. Change room decisions are often stressful, and you buy things you will never wear!

H&M Padded Jacket With a Hood


H&M Padded Jacket With a Hood ($80)

Tips for blending high-low styles?

If you are new to buying high end styles, start with accessories and footwear and buy classics first. Save up—don’t binge shop if you can’t afford it. And buy items that are not going to date or go out of fashion. You can buy cheaper styles of-the-minute trends.

Where do you go for outfit ideas and inspiration?

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