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and the synthetic leather upper is flexible and comfortable. Lace closure makes for optimum adjustm

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Quality women’s cycling 201803/0630886.html">shoes are designed around a female ‘foot last’, with the ultimate goal of providing a comfortable and effective base from which to power the pedal stroke.

Using clipless pedals allows you to maximise the strength you have available, improving pedal stroke pattern and making climbs significantly easier as the lower leg muscles are more able to engage.

There are many different cycling shoe styles, at a range of different price points – the overall cost being most affected by weight, sole material, and fastening system (which in turn affects weight).

Well fitting cycling 201803/0630886.html">shoes should be barely noticeable once you get pedalling (unless they happen to be so stunning you can’t stop looking at them – and there are some show stoppers out there). Signs of ill fitting cycling shoes include hot spots, and numb feet.

What’s different about women’s cycling shoes?

Women’s shoes are not drastically different to ‘men’s cycling shoes’ or ‘unisex cycling shoes’. The only real difference should be that they are created around a female foot last.

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The ‘last’ is the structure that shoes are built around. Typically, a woman’s last is narrower at the ankle, and lower in volume – resulting in a shoe more likely to fit the average woman’s foot comfortably.

In a cycling shoe, fit at the ankle is crucial – you want to feel the heel cup hug the back of your foot, so that it feels secure – but not squashed.

Women typically have smaller feet than men, too – so of course brands making shoes for women will accomodate for this, beginning their sizing scale much lower.

Of course, the ‘last’ is based on averages – so if you’ve always worn men’s or unisex shoes and found them comfortable, there’s no reason to change your status quo.

If, in the past, you’ve tended to opt for men’s cycling shoes and are now swapping over to a women’s version, it’s worth bearing in mind that the sizing is not as identical as you may have believed.

There’s often a slight difference between men’s and women’s sizes. As an example, for one brand, a women’s UK 5 is a Euro 38, which measures 23.5cm. A men’s UK 5 is a Euro 37.5, measuring 24cm. Baffling, we know. But at the end of the day, sizing varies between brands and it’s always best to try before you buy. Ideally wearing socks of about the same thickness as you’ll wear on the bike.

Below are some of our favourite cycling shoes on the market – read on after the product picks for more advice on what to look for…

Our pick of the best women’s cycling shoes

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Giro Espada Boa women’s cycling shoes

Giro Espada Boa cycling shoes

Giro Espada Boa women’s cycling shoes

Review score: 9/10

RRP: £179.99

Giro’s “race capable mid-level carbon soled shoe,” these kicks come with an Easton E70 carbon sole, and Boa dial combined with velcro at the toes. The sole means they’re more than ready to race, but there’s some nods to comfort you won’t find in top end models, such as extra padding around the ankles. Mesh sections will dispel heat, too.

Though they’re not cheap, they are good value – the Fizik R4B’s we reviewed recently come with a higher price tag, but though still stiff, lack that full carbon sole you get here.

Read our full review of the Giro Espada Boa women’s cycling shoes here

Pearl Izumi Elite IV women’s cycling shoes

pearl izumi women's cycling shoes

The low profile of the Pearl Izumi Women’s Elite IV Road shoe

Review score: 9/10

RRP: £149.99

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