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For a moment, at least, nobody is searching for a glimpse of what Y.A. Tittle used to be. They're enjoying what he is. A few minutes later, Dianne watches with pride as he heads toward the door, waving off any help. "I can walk anywhere," he says. "I can run anywhere.

"I can still play football."

THE NEXT DAY, Dianne, Anna and Y.A. board their 6 a.m. flight back to San Francisco. A tornado is destroying the region. Dianne is bracing for another rough trip. Y.A.'s cough seems to be worse, and Dianne knows that very soon her dad will forget about the party. Yesterday afternoon, discussion turned to the plans for the night. Y.A. said, "We're having people over for the party, right?" A bit of the color drained from Dianne's face when she heard it.

But the plane takes off smoothly, leaving the storm behind. In the air, Y.A. breathes easily. No oxygen is needed. When they land back in California, where time and memory stand still, he says to Dianne, "That was one of my best trips home."

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