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more than the concert and even the looming threat of slipping up and going back to prison

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prodigy Worth rooting Teen

The Teen Rap Prodigy Worth Rooting For

YoungBoy Never Broke Again was raised in Baton Rouge, and he’s taking his city’s sound to new heights. Now he just needs to leave.

By Ben Dandridge-Lemco

Photographer Akasha Rabut

The teen rap prodigy worth rooting for

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YoungBoy Never Broke Again has a loyal French bulldog named Naomi, who follows him around, stopping every so often to make a small puddle of pee on the marble tiles of a glitzy clothing store in downtown New Orleans. His 1-year-old sons, Kayden and Kamron, sit on a display case nearby. He picks up both babies to plant kisses on their cheeks, then hoists the children over his shoulders and sniffs to his left and right — both of their diapers need changing. YoungBoy hands them off to Montana, a burly 31-year-old who, for the past year and some change, has done a little bit of everything for him. One after the other, Montana lays the babies on the black leather bench that customers normally use to try on expensive shoes and swaps out their soiled diapers for clean Pampers.


YoungBoy is slim and muscular with a long torso that seems to make up the majority of his body. His brown eyes are several shades lighter than his skin and tapered hair, at first giving off the appearance of youthful innocence. But the three deep scars engraved into his forehead, from wearing a halo brace after breaking his neck as a toddler, make him look much older than 17.

He says he never wears the same outfit twice, and he usually throws most of his clothes into the crowd during his shows. A video taken after a recent performance suggests that he might not always let go of his garments by choice: fans chase him through a parking lot and nearly strip off his pants as he tries to climb over a fence. Today, he settles on a long-sleeve blue-and-white-striped Comme des Garçons Play shirt, Balmain jeans, and a pair of Raf Simons adidas, then makes his way to the red SUV parked outside.

A small group of people moves in close as he climbs into the passenger seat. One man with dreadlocks poking out from behind a visor begins freestyling rapidly — “Katrina when I lost my mind…” — until he is lightly pushed aside by a group of eager fans. A teen who seems to be around the same age as YoungBoy approaches the car. He’s wearing a black polo shirt tucked into baggy black slacks and looks like he’s on his way to a shift at a French Quarter restaurant. “2012, Ryans Detention,” he tells YoungBoy, referring to the juvenile facility in Baton Rouge. “I was there with you.”

The teen rap prodigy worth rooting for

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