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Diet those Candy late Lose

Hello weight losing fans...

Today I stepped up onto that Magical-Mystical-Digital-Scale weighing in at 184.4-pounds.
That's down for yesterday's weight, and I am still 4.4-pounds away from my target. Shucks, this is hard...
Well, I thought for sure I would have passed under 180-pounds by now

Guess What I Had For Breakfast This Morning?
I ate pancakes for breakfast. Yep, I took out two of the cellophane packages of precooked pancakes and put them into the microwave oven.

I stacked six CD sized pancakes one on top of the other, buttered them, and poured syrup on top. That small stack of pancakes came in at a whopping 540 calories. The tablespoon of butter was 100 calories. Then the syrup was 270 calories. The total for one meal was 910 calories.
Yep, it was a good breakfast this morning.

I never told you don't eat those pancakes. I said eat and then count up those calories. When you have hit your calorie allotment for the day, STOP.

Yesterday I mentioned that I ate a very large Snickers Bar that came in at a whopping 510 calories. I added that to my calorie count for the day. That candy bar was my dinner. I didn't eat for the rest of the day.

I'm Thinking About Writing A New Diet Book: "The Snickers Bar Candy Diet."
I am debating in my mind going on a diet where I will eat three of those large Snickers Bars a day. I am half serious here.

It will be a diet where I purchase three giant Snickers bars that total 510 calories per candy bar. I will eat three of those a day. I will do that for a month. (I think I'd be sick of Snickers Bars afterwards.)

My point would be this for the diet: You can eat anything that you want, but not to excess. I have been losing weight pretty consistently eating 1,500 calories of food a day.

I have eaten donuts, pancakes, ice cream, and other things that make the average dieter cringe with feelings of guilt. Yet, here I am, almost 60-pounds lighter than I was last year.

All my vitals are in good order. My pulse beats at around 60 beats per minute at rest. My blood pressure is below the maximum normals. In other words my blood pressure is way down now. Finally my blood cholesterol is sitting in around 164. That's down below what it used to be at 204.

All of these results have come from going on a restricted calorie intake diet. I like what one blogger wrote in his blog, "It's a life style change."

Of course I like what I write better, "I quit being a gluttonous hog." Oink!

That's not to say that I don't have my moments, but they are much more infrequent. Of course the results speak for themselves.

I used to cook up a 14 inch pizza, and eat the whole thing myself. Now, I will eat a slice of pizza and freeze the rest for later.

I would buy a three pound roasted chicken, and eat that whole chicken myself, all in one sitting. Now, I will eat the breast, and freeze the rest.

I am much more civilized now. Oh, I make myself laugh.

I still have a tendency to jam my fork in to the peoples food sitting next to me, and snatch it away. But, I don't steal the little kid's hamburgers at the McDonald's when his mom's not looking anymore. Whew, that was a hard habit to break.

Anyway, I eat less now. And this is the message that I keep putting out there: Eat Less Food.

Bye for now...


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