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Shoe of the Week: Topo Athletic ST

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True to Topo Athletic’s core design philosophies, the ST-2 is built around natural running with room in the toe box for splay, a zero drop (or flat) and relatively low-profile 16m stack height (of which only 7mm is midsole material). The noteworthy comfort of the ST-2 comes from the plush 5mm footbed so that there is ample cushioning right up against the foot. The breathable, sock-like, stretchy mesh upper that both conforms and moves with your foot’s natural motion is also a source of creature comfort. The featherweight design (as light as most racing flats) gives it a “barely there” sensation, even though there is a copious amount of cush under foot.

The most salient quality of the ST-2 is the versatility that makes it an ideal travel shoe. The heel is collapsible, it’s super light, easy to pack and, at least with the black version, it can be worn on most any occasion without being considered gauche. The security of the upper also means that it serves well in gym or CrossFit settings. The price is right for such a multi-purpose shoe but know that for those lacking an efficient gait, it should be worn somewhat sparingly. The ST-2 is more minimalist and does not pretend to be a motion control or highly-cushioned, protective trainer.

This is the shoe for you if … you are traveling lightly and want the versatility of a single shoe that you can wear to run in, take to the gym or sport with casual business attire and go out for a nice dinner looking presentable while feeling comfortable and natural.

Price: $90
Weights: 6.8 oz. (men’s), 5.6 oz. (women’s)
Heel-Toe Offset: 0mm; 16mm (heel), 16mm (forefoot)
Info: topoathletic.com

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