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Anybody have a lead on a high

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Shoe Have True High mid

I can find mt bike high-tops, but I would like to find a pair of true road shoes, 3 bolt/keo clip, with high-tops, NOT thermal/winter. Seems to not exist.

I had an ankle injury 32 years ago when I was an undergrad - and ignored it for 3 weeks and hobbled across campus and East Lansing until pain and swelling was way too much - young stubborn and stupid I guess. It hurts at times after 3 decades, can be weak, and I usually wear hikers and high-top athletic shoes in daily life.

A brace under my shoe/sock kind of works but causes friction burns/blisters some times when riding.

Any leads on high top road shoes would be appreciated. Google/Bing yielded zip except a few winter thermal boots.


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