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On Preview Brutally Satisfying The Koalition

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Preview Brutally Satisfying Koalition

On Preview Brutally Satisfying The Koalition

Ruiner Hands-On Preview – Brutally Satisfying A proper twin-stick shooter.

Written by Anthony Nash on March 20, 2017 at 4:19 pm    

When I got a hands-on opportunity with Ruiner at last year’s PAX East 2016 event, it was evident that the game was a bit unpolished. While the game didn’t wow at first play through, there was tons of promise there. Fortunately, Reikon Games came back to PAX East 2017 with an updated version of Ruiner, and it might have been one one of the best games on the entire show floor.

On Preview Brutally Satisfying The Koalition

Coming to us via publisher Devolver Digital (who has amassed an impressive slate of interesting games lately) is a game that gives off Hotline Miami vibes, but is most definitely all on its own once you sit down with it. Ruiner is an ultraviolet (in a good way) top-down action game, and from the brief demo I’ve played, is something everyone should keep an eye out for. The basic gist of the demo put us in the shoes of a man wearing a LED mask that’s been hacked into. As part of the hacking, we had one objective: kill the boss. What followed was a chaotic, incredibly enjoyable fight for survival against a variety of enemies and weapons.

Most of the demo involved handing the player the tools they would utilize when playing the full game. This ranged from a wide array of gadgets and abilities (like dashing or throwing up a shield) to various weapons that all deal out different damage. The dash system is especially interesting as it allows players to chain together dashes and, in conjunction with the shield, can be used in an extremely strategic way when trying to get rid of enemies. Little details like this allow Ruiner to strike a balance between games like Hotline Miami while also giving the player time to relax and think through an ongoing fight, and if my time with the game was any indication, you’ll need to catch your breath often.

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