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Studded Sneakers : new Gucci sneakers

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new Gucci sneakers new-gucci-sneakers

These new Gucci sneakers come in a number of different variations, however each makes use of the same sleek low-top silhouette.

One of two pairs that were recently made available on the luxury house's website has a light beige base and large coral flowers embroidered on the sides. Surrounding this are thick green leaves and additional flowers. Beneath, the brand's iconic green and red stripes can be seen.

The other version has stark white uppers, with blue, red and white stripes complementing the sides. These new Gucci sneakers standout for the soles however, as there are large gold-framed pearls adhered to them. On the heels of both versions, a touch of shiny snake-like material is added for a little more contrast.


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