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5 Best Ways To Rock This Modern Look

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Suits with sneakers. Once a forbidden combination associated with Students, overworked office workers and Ellen DeGeneres, is now becoming an in vogue interpretation of individual style and a ‘devil may care’ attitude. We’ve chosen our five best examples of dudes that dare to be different enough to don their comfiest casual footwear to complement their sharpest of suiting attire.

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Suit With Sneakers

Sneaker & Suit Combo #1 – High Tops
Iron Man himself couldn’t pull off a look like this. Robert Downey Jnr. Is famous for his constant suit and sneaker pairings. Check out his classically inspired High Tops that completely contrast his clean cotton suit, topping it off with his trademark ‘Lenon’ tinted specs. This dude is a champion of his own style.

Suit With Sneakers

Sneaker & Suit Combo #2 – Cons: As In Converse
A pair of cons with a suit is becoming so commonly paired it’s almost like mixing peanut butter and chocolate. The combination just works, it’s teaming up a classic with another. This gent has made exceedingly sure to keep his ‘chucks’ crisp and clean which adds to the casual yet classy finished product. Also note how he’s kept it simple with the colours of white & brown and topped it with the pop of a red lapel flower.

Suit With Sneakers

Sneaker & Suit Combo #3 – Seriously Sporty
 I’m a massive fan of these chino style cotton suits. Casual enough to not have you look overdressed and stylish enough to wear for any smart occasion. Teaming it up with the New Balance trainers in a complementing colour is a stroke of genius. This ‘constantly on the way to the gym’ look doesn’t draw unnecessary attention to your sneakers but it does assist in extra speedy getaways.

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