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League team $250 gift cards and shoes after returning to Nets

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26-year-old NBA forward Quincy Acy was recently called up from the D-League team the Texas Legends to the Brooklyn Nets, making it his sixth NBA team in just four years.

However, despite bouncing around the league, Acy didn't want his D-League teammates to be forgotten.

According to USA Today's Sam Amick, Acy bought his teammates and the Legends staff $250 gift cards and pairs of shoes as a thank you.

So Quincy Acy, after 16 games w/ Legends, celebrated his Brooklyn deal by..giving $250 gift cards to D-League teammates & shoes to all staff

— Sam Amick (@sam_amick) February 7, 2017

As Legends coach Bob MacKinnon noted to Amick, that kind of gesture is huge to D-League players, many of whom are playing on salaries that range from $18,000 - $28,000 — a far cry from the kind of money NBA players make.

MacKinnon also told Amick that Acy extended his generosity in other ways, saying that every road trip, he would have a box of donuts and muffins waiting for players.

According to Spotrac, Acy has made about $3.4 million during his career and will make $1.79 million this season. While it's more than D-League players, it doesn't place him particularly high among the ranks of NBA players.

However, Acy's kind act is a reflection of his approach, as he told Asher Feltman, who covers the team, in December, "Everybody can’t be a superstar so you gotta be a superstar in your own right. So that’s my inspiration."


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