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How Can You Prevent Shin Splints?

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Shin splints are characterised by severe pain in the lower leg and shin. It is caused by prolonged periods of running on hard surfaces.

In order to prevent shin splints one should take certain precautions before running or one can end up with painful shin splints.

Here are certain things you will need to be doing on a regular basis to prevent shin splints.

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1. Warm-up:
Whenever you go out for a run, if you simply start running, you will be placing a lot of stress on the bones, tissues and muscles around the shin. That is going to put you at an increased danger of experiencing shin splints and the pain related to them, making an effective warm-up essential.

This warm-up could include walking, a light jog or simple hop-skip. Every one of these things will help to warm up the body and prepare it for action.

2. Wearing Right Shoes:
Next up, you will need to be extra sure you are always wearing the right kind of athletic shoe to prevent shin splints. In case your athletic shoes are not fitting correctly, you are going to come across difficulties. Hence, make sure to wear the right kind of shoes.

3. Stretching:
Next, go for some stretching. Stretching will not only help to reduce muscle soreness that might develop from the workout, but also aid to reduce the tightness in the structures and tendons. This will prevent shin splints from occurring.

4. Weight Training:
The last thing you must be doing is performing some form of weight training for the muscles and structures that surround the shin bone. You may do it with rubber tubes or with light weights wrapped around your ankle. Bear in mind that since these muscles are smaller, they will not be capable to handle large amounts of weight that some of the largest muscles will.

Keep these four things in mind if you are looking for ways to prevent shin splints.


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