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Robbery suspect with distinct sneakers convicted: ‘The shoes literally made the man’

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BALTIMORE (WBFF) – CitiWatch cameras that captured a robbery at a downtown Baltimore convenience store in June 2016 helped convict a man. Kemo Owens now faces 25 years in prison.

According to the Baltimore City State’s Attorney, around 10 p.m. on June 13, 2016, Owens ran into the 7-Eleven on N. Calvert St. by E. Fayette St., directly across from two Baltimore City circuit courthouses. Prosecutors say he was wearing a mask, a brown shirt, dark pants, latex gloves and a “distinct pair of black and white basketball shoes.” Owens then reportedly jumped over the counter, pressing an unknown object into the cashier’s back. The cashier opened the cash drawer, and Owens took it. Police reported that the drawer had about $400 cash in it.

As the events unfolded, several people inside the store were able to run out onto N. Calvert St. This activity caught the attention of a CitiWatch camera operator, Detective Kerry Councill. He allegedly watched Owens fleeing with the cash drawer and tracked his movements as Owens headed to Davis St. by E. Lexington St. There, police say he changed into a white t-shirt and black shorts once out of the view of the cameras.

When he came back into view, the detective noticed he’d changed his outfit but was still wearing the same distinct sneakers and carrying the cash drawer. The State’s Attorney reports that Owens was arrested by officers within three minutes of fleeing the store. When he was arrested, prosecutors report Owens had $341 in his pocket. Police recovered his gloves and clothes plus the stolen cash drawer and $51.

Assistant State’s Attorney Matt Pillion, Owens maintained that he wasn’t the man seen on the store footage and CitiWatch cameras. However, Pillion argued Owens was wearing a distinct pair of black and white basketball shoes when he was arrested and these were the same shoes worn by the masked robbery suspect.

“I argued at closing, ‘They say the shoes make the man; in this case, the shoes literally made the man,’” Pillion said.

Owens was convicted on robbery charges. He was previously convicted of robbery in 2013 and 1991, as well as robbery with a deadly weapon in 2005. He now faces a 25-year, enhanced penalty for subsequent offenders, and is scheduled for sentencing on February 23.

“I commend the swift actions of the Baltimore Police Department in using technology to monitor and apprehend the perpetrator of this crime, and am happy that ASA Pillion was able to obtain justice for all who were impacted by this violent repeat offender," said State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby. “We will continue to work alongside our partners in law enforcement to build strong cases against those who choose to continuously wreak havoc in our communities and disrupt the quality of life for those who choose to live, work, and play in Baltimore City.”


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