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Superhero Training -- Inquire Within

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I have discovered that I am someone that likes structure and organization when it comes to fitness. It's not enough that I have umpteen different fitness DVD's, and a nicely organized home gym with many options for any given mood be it cardio, strength training, yoga, etc. I like having a blueprint of where I am going, what I am doing, and knowing how far I've come. My home gym has a calendar on the wall where I place stickers on the days that I meet my exercise goals. I also have a bulletin board where I pin up the schedule that I'm working on, and I have brightly colored index cards with directions for any given day.

So currently in addition to paying attention to my food choices, I'm working on what I call my "Superhero Training Program". This name is far more inspiring to me than "Beginning run/walk program #1".

I was never a runner when I was young, mainly due to exercise-induced asthma which fortunately I eventually outgrew, but long after deciding running was not my thing. So about 4 years ago, while I was looking to mix up my fitness cardio routine -- I discovered a run/walk program for beginners. It was a three week program that started slowly in order to built up one's physical endurance and prevent injury. (By the way it's called Three weeks to a 30 minute running habit on the verywell.com website, in case you are interested.) I successfully completed that first program which gave me the confidence to go on to the next program and I was eventually capable of running (jogging) for 40 minutes continuously. And right about then, I broke my toe and couldn't even wear a pair of sneakers for two months, so it all came to a smashing halt and then after a severe muscle injury a month later -- I unfortunately never returned to my running habit.

Prior to my injuries though, I found that whenever I would run with my running music mix, I felt empowered, energized and just unstoppable. In other words -- I felt kind of like a superhero. And that feeling would stay with me for hours afterwards which led to other positive activities and choices. And so four years later and coinciding partly with the start of the new year, I decided to get back to it again. Who doesn't want to feel like a superhero?? Since I was basically starting over, it made sense to start at the very beginning of the program.

I'm now in week two of the first beginning running program -- and it feels awesome ...

Superhero Training -- Inquire Within

But something even better than feeling "Superhero-ish" happened to me yesterday during my running session. I was listening to some of the lyrics of my "Empowered" running music mix, and was feeling really good about myself and how much I've accomplished. My eyes might have even got a little misty there for a bit, because I also realized that it had been a long time since I'd actually felt so empowered and unstoppable. And what was most surprising to me, was that I hadn't noticed the insidious loss of empowerment over the last several years which accompanied my downward spiral of health. It was a little shocking actually, and very "hindsight is 20/20" in that moment.

It turns out my personal Superhero Training Program has already given me more benefits than just fitness...


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