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Shoppers take advantage of overnight store hours

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Store take Shoppers hours Advantage

Some stores at Bradley Square Mall will stay open as late as 9 p.m. tonight but will also be closed Sunday.

Stores are still bustling the day before Christmas Eve.

"We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season", Knox said.

It's similar to a gift card, but is supposed to be a little more personal: You choose the item you want to buy - say sneakers or a sweater - click the "E-Gift" or "GiftNow" button, pay, and then the recipient gets an email telling them you bought them a gift.

"We anticipate heavy activity on Christmas Eve and encourage shoppers to take advantage of our amenities and offerings to simplify their holiday shopping", Crowell said. Amazon is primed to deliver goods until Christmas Eve night.

"People like to get out and shop on a Saturday when they're not at work and have plenty of time".

The mall is a popular place on Christmas Eve Eve.

"We've been doing it for 30 years, it's a way of life", Scott Crane said.

Christmas spending is heading for a new record, up 7 percent compared to a year ago.

The larger ones will reopen from 9am until 6pm on Boxing Day.

"This year's trend clearly demonstrates how extreme promotions, now most noticeable in toys and electronics, are steering retail off the path of growth", Cohen said in a statement Wednesday. The Lebanon Community Pool will be closed Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Monday. The post office will also be closed on Monday.

Sydney's famed fish markets at Glebe, for example, have opened their doors for a marathon 36 hours to accommodate the Christmas rush. Celebratory Packages, Christmas Day Feasts and Holiday Feasts are also available for carryout. That lasts for only a few days, Rodriguez of Target said. Previous year and for the first time ever, over half of online sales were made through mobile devices.

"Although the high street is still the favourite for discount shoppers, online spend is steadily increasing year on year". "I'm a procrastinator and plus they have great sales!"

Christmas is upon us!

Morrisons will open again on Boxing Day from 10am to 5pm.

Ana Serafin Smith, spokeswoman for the retail trade association, said most procrastinators have been shopping for gifts online.

POOLS: The Albany Community Pool will be closed Monday and January 2. It identifies December 31 as a good day to talk about dresses: 72% of the 4.2m interactions on outfits took place on this day previous year.

Popular gifts among those surveyed this year include tickets to sporting events, adventure outings and, quite possibly a Wisconsin go-to gift - memberships for a cheese of the month club.

"This is in fact the most engaged time of the year on our platform, with 28% more daily actions than the annual average".


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