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Jared Kushner Asks Lawyer About Joining Trump Administration

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Ivanka Trump, daughter of President-elect Donald Trump, sat in on her father's meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, his first in-person interaction with a foreign leader since being elected. Steve Bannon's appointment as Chief Strategist might have fired up the Twitter mob, but it's the elevation of Jared Kushner as Trump's unofficial chief consigliere which seems most troubling of all. He's also Trump's son-in-law and became his close adviser on the campaign trail.

Early indications of the direction that a Trump administration, aided by a Republican congress, will take on key issues emerge slowly.

But, at Donald Trump's urging, Kushner is now considering taking a role in the White House, the Times reported, basing its report on "two people briefed on the conversations who requested anonymity".

MCEVERS: We're seeing reports that Jared Kushner might get a role - an official role at the White House.

Mr Trump's Trump Tower headquarters in Manhattan on Thursday was a hub of activity with a strong media presence in the skyscraper's golden lobby watching for any appearances that might offer pointers to his cabinet appointees. When Kushner joined and organized Trump's campaign, it was more structured than it had previously been. He heads a worldwide business empire focused primarily on real estate.

Typically presidents have put assets in a blind trust run by an external trustee while they're in office. Either way, he can not have a role in it until he holds a formal post in the new government.

So yes, Kushner could legally take a job in the Trump White House. The law is very clear about not allowing a conflict of interest in such a case. What guarantees will there be that there's a wall between Trump Inc. and the White House?

Like all of us, President-elect Trump is committed to protecting America's national security. Most obvious: it opens up the family, the organizational structure, and the business itself to accusations of favoritism. Since he is considered Trump's eyes and ears in the President-Elect's transition process, everyone concerned with the transition process seeking him out. "It is a sad day when a man who presided over the premier website of the "alt-right" - a loose group of white nationalists and unabashed anti-Semites and racists - is slated to be a senior staff member in the "people's house". He is usually seen in khakis, crew-neck sweaters, and athletic shoes. Later he suggested a more flexible arrangement might be necessary given the role of Trump's children in his business.

On top of all that, Trump is still promoting his newest hotel in DC. And even if he walled himself off from his family's decisions, the rest of the world would still question whether his choices as president weren't influenced by the family business.

"Both political novices, they're both real estate billionaires and they both love Ivanka Trump", Langley said.

Christie has been clouded by scandal related to the Bridgegate controversy - the incident in which Christie advisers shut down the George Washington Bridge three years ago to retaliate against a local mayor who refused to endorse his reelection campaign. The difference is that Kushner is low-key in his approach and tries to avoid publicity. But who needs preparedness when there are scores to settle, on the part of the candidate or his son-in-law?


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