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Here's the hard realities Vancouver dummies

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Men in Vancouver bitch about Vancouver women, Women in Vancouver bitch about Vancouver men. Back & forth, back & forth, no one is happy about the other sex (or maybe the same sex maybe) Well here's my take, The women? Are choosy, picky, believing all men (unless they're goodlooking) are creeps, hence the body movement of her head for some unknown reason (maybe a medical condition) turns to the side The men? Are immature goofballs who think think they can charm women & think catcalling is a compliment......fucking creepy dudes.....btw you think you are well dressed by wearing the typical weekend Granville douche look with the white sneakers, white T shirt (or Ed Hardy T Shirt) & blue jeans. Anyways, we here in Vancouver think we live in a bigtime city...well no...& live with it, he live in a small, conservative city, we worship are smartphones, condos, think Robson St as a great fashion street I(more like a pricey fashion chain store street) Anyway boys & girls, learn some fucking people skills & learn to communicate with each other. Cheers:)


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