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Tennis Shoes, Men's Tennis Shoes, Women's Tennis Shoes, Tennis Shoes for Kids

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Tennis might be tough on the body, but it’s even tougher on shoes. If you plan on playing tennis, it’s important that you choose your tennis shoes carefully. The right tennis shoes will provide adequate support, allowing you to comfortably walk, twist, slide and dash during a game. Playing with the wrong kind of shoes can result in bruises and long term injuries.

Several factors will affect the type of tennis shoes that you buy. One of these is your foot type. There are three major foot types: neutral, pronated and supinated. You’ll need to identify what your foot type is to make the right decision. People with neutral feet wear out their shoes evenly. Contrary to what the name might suggest, neutral feet are the least common, and account for only 10% of the current population.  

Pronated feet are more common, and account for the most tennis shoes. 6 out of 10 people have pronated feet.  People with pronated feet tend to wear their shoes out the most within the forefoot area. On the other hand, people with supinated feet wear the outside heel and forefoot of the shoes. Supinated feet account for 30 percent of the current population.

There are several ways of evaluating your shoe type. An easy method is to get your foot wet and then leave an imprint on a smooth surface or dark piece of paper. You’ll be able to tell your foot type from the resultant impression. A moderate space revealed within the arch area means that your feet are neutral while a large open area means that you have supinated feet. If a complete impression is left then it means that you have pronated feet. Tennis shoes with effective cushioning and shock absorption are important for people with supinated feet.

Another factor that is bound to affect your choice of tennis shoes is your playing style. Different shoes support varying playing styles. For instance, a baseline player will have better lateral support if they play with tennis shoes that have durable soles.  On the other hand, if you’re a serve and volley player, you’ll need tennis shoes with a reinforced toe cap. This will allow you to slide on the court and charge the net frequently during your game.  Hard court tennis shoes are designed with added support and cushioning, since they are less forgiving than soft courts.

There are different brands that have become popular because of the high quality of their engineering. Some of these include shoes by Nike, Babolat and Adidas. At Tennis Boom, we offer high quality products at competitive prices. Finally, you’ll need to choose the right shoe size. Don’t assume that you already know what yours already is. The shape of your feet changes over time and might not be what it was a few months ago. Wearing the wrong size can result in unpleasant injuries. On the other hand, wearing the right fit will provide optimal flexibility and cushioning, allowing you to play with comfort.


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