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WRAL-TV inferred that Tillis change of heart stemmed from the fear of a primary challenger. The nex

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City campaign Senate brings U.S.

Tucker brings U.S. Senate campaign to city


Garland Tucker


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Friday, August 9, 2019

Garland Tucker brought his campaign to unseat Republican U.S. Sen. Thom Tillis to Rocky Mount on Thursday, meeting with a steady stream of supporters at Benvenue Country Club, where he hoped to pick up additional supporters while garnering campaign contributions.

Tucker, who has Rocky Mount connections, has come from nowhere in the polls last November to just 10 points down in a July poll among likely GOP primary voters.

“Last November, before we made the decision to run, we conducted a poll and we were down something like 63-8,” Tucker said.

“Then, three things happened,” he said. “We announced in May, began running campaign ads in May, June and July and Sen. Tillis did his famous flip-flop.”

Tucker said after that, the poll in July showed Tillis with 40 percent to his 30 percent with the remaining 30 percent undecided.

“Historically, the undecided break for the challenger,” he said.

The Tillis flip-flop, he explained, was Tillis campaigning on the need for immigration reform, yet going to Washington and not following through.

A few months ago, Tillis was one of the first Republicans to oppose President Trump’s stance on the need for a border wall, yet voted for the wall when the roll was called.

In a March editorial, WRAL-TV inferred that Tillis’ change of heart stemmed from the fear of a primary challenger.

“The next few months, Sen. Tillis is going to have to live with his voting record,” Tucker said. “If Thom Tillis had gone to Washington and done what he said he would do in 2014, I’d still be enjoying retirement.”

Tucker said his major issues with Tillis stem from his flip-flopping on immigration and federal spending.

“Sen. Tillis ran on a conservative platform and he got up there and changed his position,” he said. “He hasn’t done what he said he would do.”

Tucker said fundraising, the key to the life of any campaign, is going well and that he has raised “a couple of million” thus far.

“I think it will probably take between $4 million and $6 million for the primary alone,” he said. “We know he can outspend us, but the word is out in Washington that he is one of the most vulnerable Senate candidates, Republican or Democrat, and we’ve just got to raise enough money to get the word out.”

A May 30 article in the Raleigh News & Observer noted that former Tillis contributors now were backing Tucker, with five of 17 chairmen for a Tucker fundraiser having made multiple donations to Tillis in the past.

“It’s not going to be inexpensive,” Tucker said, “but we’re going to make him live with his voting record.”

The GOP primary will be March 3, 2020.

Tucker is married to the former Greyson Shuff of Rocky Mount.


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