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it will still always be my favorite tournament moment

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It's finally here, the greatest week of the year. Literally anything in the entire world can happen later this week, just like what happened in 1999. Back then, Gonzaga was just some tiny school John Stockton went to that had never won an NCAA Tournament game in history. They took out a suspension-ridden Minnesota team in the first round, but when they knocked off two seed Stanford in the second round, everyone started to notice. The Cardinal returned all five starters from their Final Four team the year before, and Gonzaga dominated them. Then, in the Sweet Sixteen game against Florida, we got one of the greatest basketball games ever. The Gators took a three point lead with 45 seconds left and the Zags followed with a Jeremy Eaton lay up to cut the lead to one. And that's when the Cinderella magic started. After the inbounds, 6-9 Brent Wright was pressured by 5-8 Quentin Hall and drug his second foot turning the ball over. With 15 seconds to go and a one point Gator lead, Gonzaga and Gus Johnson took over, and finished off one of the greatest endings in the history of March Madness. Que Gus Johnson's voice: Shot clock turned off... Calvary... Hall... 8 to shoot...Hall... The Runner!!!... Loose Ball!!!!!... It's good!!!!!!.... With 4.4 to go!!!... Shannon... don't wanna foul... Shannon... From the corner!!!!!!!... And it's over!!!!... Gonzaga!!!!!... THE SLIPPER STILL FITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 it will still always be my favorite tournament moment

Undoubtedly, one of the greatest finishes and calls in the history of sports. My only bone to pick is with the color commentator for interrupting Gus at the end. Of course you don't want to foul, and Gus was in the zone. Why would he want to step in the way of that? Even with that, it will still always be my favorite tournament moment, and my favorite YouTube video (I think 5000 of the views are mine). Anyway, enjoy the Selection Show, enjoy March Madness, and I hope your team gets buckets.


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