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Once Upon A Time was a big hit when released back in 2011. From the creative minds behind Lost, this reworking of classic fairytale icons, such as Snow White and Prince Charming, followed the journey of new character Emma as she discovers the town of Storybrooke and her destiny to save it.

The series ran for seven seasons, with the seventh acting as a mini-reboot of sorts, and showcased great twists and turns as it explored re-imaginings of classic fairytale stories. Everything from the story of Snow White and the poisoned apple to Cinderella's glass slippers are all interwoven in flashbacks and their own original stories. All the while, we got introduced to relatable, dark, and familiar characters and locations as the show shifted between 'Present Day' and 'Fairytale Past'.

Whilst later seasons began to lose their 'magic', it had many enchanting moments and stories to follow and fall in love with throughout it's run, but none more so than it's first season. Here, Emma discovers Storybrooke for the first time and, with the help of her son Henry, begins to uncover the many secrets of this mysterious town.

So, how many secrets do you remember? Do you believe in magic? Read through the pages of the questions below and find out!


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