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the criminal complaint said. In the closet

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Waseca police

(County News file photo)

New Richland man charged thrice in December events

Waseca police

(County News file photo)

Sheldan Christian Luna, 22, of New Richland, faces three criminal cases.

In one, Waseca Police were called to an apartment in the city. A victim told police that Luna was not welcome, but he slid a foot into the door gap when she opened it, the criminal complaint said. He then took a phone when the victim tried to call 911. Luna tried to take a baby, took some cigarettes and some of his belongings and left.

A police officer searched the apartment building with a maintenance employee, the complaint said. They found a flip flop by a stairway and a backpack near a community office area. In the backpack, there was a prescription pill bottle with a $1 bill and two small plastic bags with methamphetamine. Because the apartment is in proximity to a park, the possession is eligible for a higher charge.

Luna is charged with felony third-degree drug possession, third-degree burglary, gross misdemeanor interfering with 911 call and misdemeanor theft.

In a separate case, Luna was accused of entering an occupied apartment on Dec. 18, waking a woman by shaking her, then covering her mouth when she screamed.

She told police she said she would call 911 and he left through the bedroom woman, the criminal complaint said. In clothes found on the floor, a police officer found a dog tag with the name of Luna’s child and the child’s mother. Police found Luna hiding under a desk. They determined he entered the apartment through a wall from a utility closet.

On this case, Luna was charged with two counts of first-degree burglary and misdemeanor fifth-degree assault.

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