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King was a Social Democrat).   He proposed seismic changes to the political and social structures t

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Rod Sullivan

On Dec. 19, the U.S. Senate voted 100-0 to fund the federal government. Obviously, those 100 votes included the votes of Iowa’s two Senators, Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst.

Then Donald Trump threw a tantrum, and decided to close down the government until he gets a wall. Unfortunately, Iowa’s senators flip-flopped in order to capitulate to Trump. So now they refuse to fund the government.

Wait a minute! You voted on Dec. 19 to fund the government. Trump throws a fit, and you change your mind?

A lot of people depend upon the federal government for a lot of things. Real people are being hurt. Iowa’s senators should quit taking hostages, and vote to fund the government, just like they did before Trump’s tantrum.

Push for a wall all you want. But do your jobs, and keep the government running.


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Monday, Jan. 21 marks the federal holiday celebrating the birthday of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I am so pleased that our country has chosen to honor this great man, and I hope you enjoy the holiday in his name. 

We would like to think America has come a long way since the 1960s. After the 2016 elections, I’m not certain I feel that way any longer. Race was a huge issue in the 2016 election, and the team the racists supported won.

Look at America today. Black Lives Matter is a response to the epidemic of black men being killed by police. The U.S. Supreme Court killed much of the Voting Rights Act, and they are likely to kill Affirmative Action. Black men are more likely to go to prison than college. The list goes on and on. Our society still has a deep racial divide.

We also need to recognize that King was a radical. 

America grudgingly accepted racial reforms because they were less dangerous to the status quo than the other issues King championed. 

King took seriously the biblical teachings that the love of money is a sin, and that rich men will not be welcomed into Heaven. (Yes, King was a Social Democrat). 

He proposed seismic changes to the political and social structures that exist in America. In addition, King was adamantly anti-war. To the status quo, he was the most dangerous man in the world.

Take some time this week to read some of the great books that are out there on Dr. King. More importantly, take some time to read the things he wrote himself. 

We have so much work to do. We cannot forget that. But we also need to take the time to celebrate our successes. 


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