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I took the train down to Miami .For those of you who believe in time and space the passenger train

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Florida trail pikachu Journal thru

I took the train down to Miami .For those of you who believe in time and space  the passenger train was “ late “ as always by about 2.5 hours .

To me though the train was not late .I had a “ divine meeting with a woman .Im sitting outside waiting to go to the platform to board a train and an older woman probably in her late 50’s or early 60’s (she has wine brown eye and One blue eye ) and I struck up a conversation .She was a chiropractor and a holistic healing angel walking the earth with ya mere mortals.i learned all of this via our casual conversation and told her that I was going to attempt hike the Florida trail and that I had been in bed nursing a knee injury .

She told me that I will take a look at it and teach you how to fix it .

We get our seating assignements because The train was full and we are located in the same passenger car .She was assigned to seat 22 and I was assigned to seat 1 .

After less that 20 minutes in the train she gets up to go to the rest room and and stops to chat .She then tells me “ when I come back I will teach you .....

She comes back and we speak of linear lines and so forth .....

She gets down on bender knee and tells me to relax ; She pushes left , right , back looking for movements and things that are unstable .

The short version was “ Where it will not go is where it already is and must be moved away from “ 

Nonetheless ,I was armed with this knowledge from this wonderful lady and my ligaments were manipulated back into place .

Just like my “ ligaments “ we cannot experience growth if we continue to stand still or be Stuck in the same routines in life that are killing our souls .In order to experience growth we must move away from our comfort zones and get a little uncomfortable but in the end it is worth it .

Kickoff / Big Cypress 

After spending the night in Miami , I woke up and went to what I can best describe as “ little Cuban diner “ on Collins Avenue in south beach .I had eaten there the night before ( Ropa vieja & black beans ) .

I decided to just take an Uber to the campground .The Uber was kind of expensive ($88) and there were wonderful people from the FTHA like Ari who were willing to come and pick me up but after all of the driving and facilitating the great people at the FTHA had already did to make the weekend a success ,I couldn’t let them make that drive again .

My Uber driver was a chatty but very nice Hispanic lady named Janet .We passed Everglades national park and you turn onto some road called the “ Miami trail “ where you travel on a road where you are surrounded on both sides by “ tribal land .

Upon arrival at twin lakes campground I went inside to check in .This place had a petting zoo with birds , gators , pythons ....A lot of wildlife living in cages .I skipped the tour and paid the $ 10 .

The young lady working the register asked if I need directions .I told her that I could find a “ blister brigade “ of hiker trash .

What is a large gathering of hikers called anyway ?A cackle , a school ????

Ahhhh who knows ......

Before I even get out of the car I look over and I see a dog .I thought to myself I know that dog .Indeed I did know that dog .The dog was “ indigo “ The four legged fur baby of the owners of “ Shaw’s hikers Hostel in Monson Maine where I had stayed this summer .

Then appeared “ hippie chick “ &  later “ poet “ with their family in tow .Poet had decided to hike the Florida trail as well .

I spoke to both of them and met some other hikers “trucker bob “....etc.....

I set up my tent .I also skipped dinner (regrettable) & hunkered down to get some rest .

In the morning the volunteers shuttled us to the oasis visitor center .The visitors center was closed and we all took our obligatory photos at the southern terminus and set off on our walk .

I had heard that the water was scarce so I packed out about 5L of water which turned out not to be enough .

From the southern terminus Nobo in Big cypress it has been a REALLY dry year and the first part of the park was really dry .

I did not even cook dinner and ate only dry food and ran out of water on the 2 bed day .

I actually spent most of the second day hiking north and hoping to find water .Just as the sun was setting and I was / had been completely out of water when I made it to what would be referred to as a “ swamp buggy road “ hoping to at least find a mud puddle but once I arrived there was not a drop of water to be bad .

My spirit was broken so I set up camp and did not even bother to set up my Rain fly on my tent .

Like Phil Collins I was praying for the “ rains “ but to no avail .I did not eat dinner that night once again because I had Zero water .

I awoke in the morning dehydrated to the point that I licked the precipitation off of my gear .

As I was struggling and walking down the road I found a mud puddle and never in my life had a mud puddle looked so attractive to me .

I scoped so water ( it was nasty ) filtered it and it still tasted so bad that I put water flavoring in it and kept drinking .

I spent a good 1.5 hours scooping am filtering as I walked along in order to get about 20 ounces of water .....

Every swamp , lagoon , puddle I came to I would scoop , filter , flavor , drink repeat .....

The swamp was a MF .It went from extremely dry to to extremely wet and Muddy .

Even the parts of big cypress that were dry they were still Muddy .it was only dry in the since that there was No water to filter .

At one point I was walking in shin high mud and stepped and lost one of my shoes as  it stuck in the mud I dropped an Fbomb and took another step when my other shoes came off .

May your heart always lead you & your feet follow . Pikachu 


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