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@Neolit Far cheaper too

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PS4 3DRunner PlayStation VR Peripherals

@Neolit Far cheaper too, Balance Board was going for $80.

And, me being me, I only watched the vid after posting. $135 and you can only use it sitting down is kinda lame. I'd rather somebody re-purpose the balance board. It wasn't great, but I had a lot of fun playing Shaun White Road Trip. And it's sensitive enough for movement, there was a first person platformer played entirely on the balance board.

Now I really want a Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll in PSVR.

Yeah, I'm one of those people who bought peripherals and a lot of the games. I even bought a few PS EyeToy games on the PS2 before Wii and Kinect. And not 1 but 2 DDR mats for the PS1 before that. I like to have fun.


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