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inspecting two railway lines for 18 days - one linking the North's southern-most Kaesong City to Si

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Across South Border Soldier korean

The weekslong inspections represent one of the most significant goodwill gestures between the Koreas in past months as they push ahead with engagement amid a stalemate in larger negotiations between Washington and Pyongyang to resolve the nuclear standoff.

The Seoul government is sticking to its plan to hold a groundbreaking ceremony for inter-Korean railway and road connection projects this year as agreed upon by their leaders in September.

While Seoul has said it aims to guarantee freedom of movement for visitors and tourists in the JSA within the year, the United Nations Command (UNC) and the two Koreas are yet to reach an agreement on fresh guard regulations for the area.

The South Koreans and their Northern counterparts will live on the train, inspecting two railway lines for 18 days - one linking the North's southern-most Kaesong City to Sinuiju City near the Chinese border, and the other connecting Mount Kumgang near the inter-Korean border to Tumen River bordering Russian Federation in the east.

"We will closely consult with relevant countries going forward to make sure the inter-Korean railway connection project can proceed with the support of the worldwide community", Unification Minister Cho said.

A North Korean soldier defected to South Korea on Saturday across their heavily fortified land border.

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In their most recent summit in Pyongyang in September, Kim and Moon committed to reviving economic co-operation when possible, voicing optimism that global sanctions could end to allow such activity.

They have begun work to reconnect their railway systems, removed landmines and destroyed military bunkers at parts of the frontier.

A South Korea train is prepared to travel across the border into North Korea at the Dorasan Station in Paju, South Korea, Friday, Nov. 30, 2018.

Through Dec. 5, the South Koreans will team up with North Korean officials and experts to look at 400 kilometers of tracks along the western coast from Kaesong, just north of the inter-Korean border, all the way up to Sinuiju, near the border separating North Korea and China. The six cars are comprised of quarters for passengers, offices and sleeping, along with other areas reserved for fuel, generator and other equipment.

At Panmum Station, near the town of Kaesong, a North Korean engine took over to pull the train further north. The South used the trains to move construction materials north, while clothing and shoes made at the factory park were sent south.


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