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Eight thousand Islander slippers were used to form a Philippine symbol of pride, in what was arguably the country's first Live Slippers Mosaic.

This real-time stunt was held in October inside one of the country's largest malls, where over 800,000 shoppers visit daily. It took 11 artists eight hours to complete the mosaic, live and in front of the public, which resulted in an artwork that measured 8 meters by 10 meters.

The Live Slippers Mosaic is the culmination of Islander's "Loud & Proud" campaign, a set of programmatic efforts reminding Filipinos of the footwear's most dominating attribute - its unquestionable durability.

This campaign was first launched earlier this year when those same 8,000 pairs of slippers were used to construct a one-of-a-kind mural billboard. In the succeeding months, those slippers were then reused to create advertising and merchandising materials for the rest of the campaign. Now, these enduring slippers were again repurposed for this live mosaic stunt.

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The day-long event, which included selfie promos and fun games, closed with a celebratory donation ceremony. All of the 8,000 slippers used were turned over to some of the poorest communities all over the Philippines.

During the ceremony, AVP for Market Development Kristine Yao stressed the importance of giving back to a country that has shown the brand unwavering patronage. Surviving this yearlong journey - from the launch billboard, to on-ground merchandising, to digital marketing efforts, and the Live Slippers Mosaic stunt - these tough slippers are now set to become Christmas donations to 8,000 Filipinos in far-flung areas of the country.

At a time when international flip-flop brands are continuously gaining popularity with the mass market, Islander's "Loud & Proud" campaign by Publicis JimenezBasic has shown that a homegrown brand known for its durability can indeed go a long way, in more ways than one.

Client: Islander
AVP for Market Development: Kristine Yao
Graphic Designer: Ienne Janes
Artists/Secretary: Alyssa Salanguit

Agency: Publicis JimenezBasic
Executive Creative Director: Trixie Diyco
Creative Director/Copywriter: Jao Bautista
Associate Creative Director/Art Director: Rizza Garcia
Client Services Director: Carol Fadri
Account Director: Tin Reyes
Planner: Isha Ancheta
Producers: Princess Raquel, Candice Flores

Production: Rickshaw Events, Inc.

Photography: Jason Quibilan, Jerel Fajardo

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