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there are six safeties averaging $10 million or more per season. So cornerback holds more value tha

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The Tribune’s Brad Biggs answers your Bears questions.

Do you think this could be a fluke game? Or Mitch Trubisky’s actual ceiling? — @bearsfanatic90

I don’t think Trubisky’s 354-yard game, which was a career high, with six touchdown passes was a fluke at all. You know better than to expect six touchdown passes every week. But Trubisky’s progression in the offense and experience on the field is more important right now than statistical benchmarks. You want to see him trending upward and improving and certainly a performance like he had against the Buccaneers reinforces that he is moving in the right direction. He was much more comfortable in the pocket. His eyes were better. His feet were better. All of that is better than numbers that were posted against an atrocious Bucs defense. I’m not taking anything away from what Trubisky did but pointing out that as the basic mechanical stuff was cleaned up — and you have to credit a terrific performance by the offensive line for much of his comfort in the pocket — you saw a better version of Trubisky. I’d say he’s nowhere near his ceiling either. Again, that’s in relation to how he can improve as a quarterback, not the crazy statistics he put up in the game. Ultimately, it’s that improvement that is most significant.

With question marks at the position in the offseason, isn’t it safe to say that Pat O’Donnell is playing like a solid to good NFL punter these days? — @bjoernin

O’Donnell ranks 12th in the league in gross average at 47.2 yards per punt and, more importantly, he is sixth in net average at 42.9 yards. He has landed five of his 14 punts inside the 20-yard line (with one touchback) and half of his punts have forced fair catches, which is a key statistic. O’Donnell has shown some improvement and he has been given a little more latitude with his selection of kicks. Last year, he was asked to use the flip-flop kick most of the time, and that limits a punter’s ability to flip the field. O’Donnell has also been asked to speed up his process a little bit from the time he catches the ball to the time it leaves his foot. It’s a little early in the season to make a judgment on how much better he is. Soldier Field is one of the more difficult stadiums for punters, particularly in the second half of the season, and there is a reason you often see the punting leaders on teams that play their home games indoors or in warm-weather climates. It’s worth monitoring O’Donnell as the season continues because the team was intent on challenging him with competition throughout the offseason and he’s on a one-year contract. It’s fair to say the final decision between him and Ryan Winslow was a close one.

Do you think we will see more snaps for Bilal Nichols even with Akiem Hicks back in? — @ahiggins

Nichols has certainly proved the last three games that he can help out in the rotation. He’s gaining confidence and giving the coaches more confidence to play him. As I wrote earlier this week, it could create a situation where the Bears decide to slightly reduce Hicks’ playing time in order to keep him fresher late in games. Hicks was on the field for 85 percent of the defensive snaps last season. I’m not talking about significantly reducing that figure, but maybe if it’s closer to 80 you have a better Hicks in the fourth quarter while also getting some decent play in his absence. It’s worth mentioning that Roy Robertson-Harris has played really well and he’s earning more playing time as he emerges as a potential foundational piece for the front seven

Was last Sunday’s game more the result of:

A. Mitch Trubisky catching up to the game

B. Better play-calling by Matt Nagy

C. Tampa not being the team we thought they were (aka ran out of “FitzMagic”)

D. All of the above

— @madsen_dave

The play-calling wasn’t all that different. We still saw the packages with wide receiver bubble screens and jet sweeps. What we witnessed was a much improved Trubisky and the end of FitzMagic against the Bears’ tough defense as well as a wretched Bucs defense.

Nice blocking by Kevin White last game. Can they get him more involved in the offense? — @greg_breen7

For every action, there’s a reaction, so the question I would pose to you is who do you recommend be de-emphasized to get White more involved? Allen Robinson? Taylor Gabriel? Anthony Miller when he returns healthy? Tarik Cohen? Trey Burton? I think there is a chance they get White going a little bit more in the passing game, but I don’t see why that would be a major emphasis for the offense. As I have pointed out many times, the Bears replaced White three times this offseason (four times if you count the addition of Burton), so this is what should be expected.

I think the best thing that happened to the Bears was losing late to a great QB in the first game. Do you see them sustaining a pedal-to-the-metal attitude come the winds and winter in November and December? — @chaskinzie

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