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hes probably got enough matchy-matchy accessories. Instead

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Jason Tesauro, Bloomberg

Since Father’s Day was first conceived in the early 1900s-by the daughter of a Civil War veteran and widower who had raised six children as a single parent-there’s been a what-to-give quandary.

Here’s our advice. Just think of dads as what they are: grown-up kids. We like cool things, tasty things, daring things, things we can play with other people. Will Dad want to bring it in for show-and-tell on Monday? If so, you’ve done well on Sunday.

You might want to start with gifts that Dad can share with others, especially his own kids or grandkids.

Center Field Batting Practice at Fenway Park ($7,000-$11,000, with up to 24 guests) is a chance to shag fly balls (to keep) in a hallowed Red Sox outfield previously defended by Ted Williams, Jim Rice, and Manny Ramirez. The experience includes a pre-game tour of the Green Monster, seats in rows 1-2 of the Left Field Pavilion Section 18, and in-game eats from a private concession stand.

If you can’t beat your teens with screens, have Dad join ‘em with a Sony PS4 Playstation Pro ($399). Don’t know what games to get? Start by boosting his granddaughters with a copy of “Uncharted: The Lost Legacy” ($29.99), starring Chloe and Nadine, a treasure hunter and a mercenary; the game eschews the dated, damsels-in-distress trope. Or with World Cup 2018 kicking off in Russia over Father’s Day weekend, get a head start with “FIFA18” ($59.99).

To best view the PS4 Pro’s eye-popping 4K graphics, upgrade him to Samsung’s 75-inch Class Q9FN QLED Smart 4K UHD TV ($5,999). Bonus: It’s a next-level digital chameleon. The QLED’s Ambient Mode can mimic the pattern on the wall, making the entire screen disappear in virtual camouflage.

For more analog gaming, consider gifting a Jaques London Sandringham croquet set ($6,679). Six-wicket cutthroat is a classic mash-up of billiards and chess that’ll engage his gamesmanship without wearing out his knees-and it will double as a great excuse for a lawn party. The mahogany-and-brass cabinet contains everything you need for an eight-person game: powder-coated, uber-durable wickets; full-size, double-scored balls; pegs; flags; and accessories.


 hes probably got enough matchy-matchy accessories. Instead

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 hes probably got enough matchy-matchy accessories. Instead

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 hes probably got enough matchy-matchy accessories. Instead

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Not every dad looks great in a skinsuit, but if yours crushes his calories as a cyclist, a proper road kit is just the thing. Alé Bike Wear’s 2018 collection of jerseys ($99-$169) and high-tech bibshorts ($85-$229) are light, breathable, and quick-drying for scorching temps and steep climbs, as well as ergonomically cut for racing.

No outfit is complete without shoes. On the road, Fi’zi:k Aria R3 road biking shoes ($300), are peerless: Italian engineering, a carbon fiber outsole, and a slick, webbed closure system.

Unless you’re positive Dad’s got his will all buttoned-up, with hefty largess in your name, show him you care with a light and bright Kask Mojito Cycling Helmet ($159). It’s 220 grams of snug-fitting protection, with 26 air vents, antimicrobial padding, and a comfortable, faux-leather chin strap.

Riedel’s Nachtmann Punk Whiskey Set ($160), with an extra pair of Ruby or Jet-Black whiskey tumblers, $19.90, is righteously heavy in the hand and adorned with glass nubs that constitute a thumb in the eye to overly formal, cut crystal.

But for true punk attitude, challenge the Father’s Day whiskey-giving cliché with a decadent, aged alternative. The eight-to-15-year-old Mount Gay XO Reserve Cask Rum ($48) is a ripe and opulent slow-sipper. If he still needs that Scotch-like smoke, there’s Sombra Mezcal ($42.99). This distillery honors tradition but takes a modern, eco-minded, and community-centered approach so Dad can feel good with every sip of his smoked margarita. (Just tell him to sub mezcal for tequila.)

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