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changed Flip Flop Harper style

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Sunday, April 15, 2018

We were originally going to start in Georgia and hike to Maine beginning in the end of March 2018.

But. I severally sprained my ankle working on a flip house we bought to help fund this extravaganza in

early March at it is now just finally coming around to healthy use. Researching the start times and seeing that

a lot of flip-flop hikes begin in Harper's Ferry WV about the beginning of May it made sense for us to switch to

that style of Thru hike. We liked the idea of attending the flip-flop festival on 4/28 and 29th, also the first 200-300

miles of easier terrain will be welcome with an ankle still recovering to full strength.

This week we begin in Earnest to sew, and plan. I feel blessed to be with my Son doing these things, and am excited

to meet with God out there and see what happens. Fears yes of course, but with a supporting wife and home team

how can we lose. I appreciate the many friends praying and following our adventure it is very encouraging to know we are not

alone. Why hike this long and far? I cannot answer that now .

Maybe it is appropriate for a house flipper to do a flip/flop hike too?


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