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stating he “had a certain amount of knowledge about guerilla warfare and irregular tactics as well(4)

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Hemingway wrote several iconic works, including To Have and Have Not, at his house in Key West, Florida. It’s also where he converted a urinal from a local bar into a fountain. Local haunt Sloppy Joe’s was a favorite watering hole of the irascible author, so when the place went under renovation, Hemingway took one of the urinals as a memento, quipping that he’d already poured enough money into it to make it his.





David Livingston/Getty Images



R.L. Stine Is Teaching an Online Class on Writing Horror for Kids

BY Michele Debczak

April 1, 2018

David Livingston/Getty Images

David Livingston/Getty Images

Readers who grew up with R.L. Stine's horror stories now have a chance to learn the craft from the master himself. Masterclass, an online education platform that features classes taught by celebrities, is offering Stine's course on writing for young audiences.

Starting now, anyone can sign up for lifetime access to all 28 lessons in the course for $90. Through videos and interactive exercises, the Goosebumps author will guide students through topics like making monsters out of everyday objects, mixing horror and humor, and writing for different age groups. Participants will also have the opportunity to upload videos and receive feedback from classmates, with a few lucky students having their questions answered by the author.

"I have written a lot of scary books, but the process of writing those books wasn't scary," Stine said in a statement. "I hope to show students that writing doesn't have to be scary; and in fact, it can be a lot of fun."

With more than 400 million books sold under his name, Stine is one of the most successful children's book authors of all time. You can read about some of the secrets behind his writing process here.




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